19 May 2014

Vapur The Anti-Bottle

 photo PerkBVapurBottle04.jpg

Vapur The Anti-Bottle  Purple  16 oz ( 480ml )
Reusable Water Bottle

 photo PerkBVapurBottle05.jpg

 photo PerkBVapurBottle06.jpg

 photo PerkBVapurBottle07.jpg

 photo PerkBVapurBottle03.jpg

 photo PerkBVapurBottle08.jpg

 photo PerkBVapurBottle09.jpg

 photo PerkBVapurBottle02.jpg

 photo PerkBVapurBottle01.jpg

I got it from Perk Beverages

What a disappointing surprised gift.  It's not worth to purposely take leave from office to go down to Orchard Road to collect it.  
Since it's small and light, they should have posted it over.  They are kinda inconsiderate and also stingy with the postage fee.


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