17 May 2014

Jalan Besar Pets Carnival

City Square Mall B1 Fountain Square

 photo KitCatJalanBesarPetsCarnival14.jpg

  photo KitCatJalanBesarPetsCarnival04.jpg

 photo KitCatJalanBesarPetsCarnival05.jpg

 photo KitCatJalanBesarPetsCarnival06.jpg

 photo KitCatJalanBesarPetsCarnival07.jpg

 photo KitCatJalanBesarPetsCarnival08.jpg

 photo KitCatJalanBesarPetsCarnival09.jpg

 photo KitCatJalanBesarPetsCarnival10.jpg

 photo KitCatJalanBesarPetsCarnival11.jpg

 photo KitCatJalanBesarPetsCarnival03.jpg

 photo KitCatJalanBesarPetsCarnival12.jpg

 photo KitCatJalanBesarPetsCarnival13.jpg

Collected our free Kit Cat Cat Food from B2K Pet Products

 photo KitCatJalanBesarPetsCarnival01.jpg

  photo KitCatCatFood02.jpg

  photo KitCatCatFood03.jpg

Kit Cat Atlantic Tuna with Tender Chicken  400g 
Kit Cat Atlantic Tuna with Wild Salmon  400g
Kit Cat Atlantic Tuna with Whole Anchovy  400g

Primal Freeze-Dried Formula For Cats - Chicken & Salmon Formula

 photo KitCatCatPrimalChickenSalmon01.jpg

 photo KitCatCatFood01.jpg

We got them from Kit Cat Singapore

On my way home, I saw these two friendly cats

 photo KitCatJalanBesarPetsCarnival15.jpg

 photo KitCatJalanBesarPetsCarnival16.jpg

 photo KitCatJalanBesarPetsCarnival17.jpg

 photo KitCatJalanBesarPetsCarnival18.jpg

 photo KitCatJalanBesarPetsCarnival19.jpg


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