28 March 2017

V10 Plus LX Advanced Lifting Cream Treatment

V10 Plus LX Advanced Lifting Cream Treatment worth $128

I went to collect these products for myself and for my family with our 5 original pink ICs  and was really offended by the staff there.  The lady called another lady from outside to come over and both of them just stood at the door to stare at me.  At first she didn't even want to take the ICs.  She is cold, has no smile, rude, interrogated and threatened me with harsh words as if I am a criminal.  She kept asking how are we related until I answered her.  Is this the correct way to ill treat a winner.  How are we related is done of their business, what is important is the ICs to prove our identities.

In the first place, when we enter contest, isn't it normal that we will gather everyone in our families to enter it together.  We didn't point a knife or force them to pick us as winners.  They are the ones who selected us.

In the email conversation to Ginger Wong, I can already feel her coldness, she will just tell us their office address, but never mention their operating hours and when we replied to ask, she will totally ignored us. 

Their office is located at
237 Pandan Loop #06-05 
Singapore 128424

which is a super inconvenient location to go and parking is not free.  They think everyone is so free to go there, why need to waste all of our transport money and taking leave from work.  Just appoint 1 person to collect is sufficient.  

They haven't meet the families who will collect 10 to 20 prizes at one time.  If they are stingy about the products, than throw away, don't do any giveaway.  Sending over the prizes won't cost them much, but they want to save the $1 postage and to cause inconvenience to us.  

The product expiry date is September 2017.  They are holding the many giveaways to clear the unsaleable stock.  This is not something to be proud about, it simply means their sales is bad, but yet giving away expiry products still can behave so yaya.  

A company like this doesn't even worth my respect and support, I will never support and spend 1 cent on any of their products.  They should better off shut down.   What a disgrace to have so uncivilized, barbaric, rude, ignorant and bad attitude staffs.

Can giveaway a $128 product, but no money to pay for the postage, really hahaha.

We got them from V10plus

27 March 2017

Brand's MycoProtec Essence of Mushroom

Brand's MycoProtec Essence of Mushroom
8 bottles x 65ml

Expiry date is so near, 25 June 2017

Their giveaways are all actually the leftover products from their magazines where they are giving coupons and discounts to buy them.  Frankly speaking who wants to go so far to buy them.  I would rather buy them nearby my home, unless you stay or work near in their area, or else not worth to purposely make a trip down to their inconvenient located office to collect expiring products so we are not entering their contests anymore.  The auntie receptionist is ok but too slow in doing things, wasted alot of our time.   

Spring Publishing Pte Ltd
 61 Upper Paya Lebar Rd #05-02A
Tat Wan Building
Singapore 534816 

We got them from PRIME Singapore

12 March 2017



Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ PA+++ 15ml

Hydro Boost Water Gel 5g

We got them from Neutrogena Singapore

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