31 August 2013

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil

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What is Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse ?

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My Thoughts

I'm loving my new bottle of Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Purpose Dry Oil which works really well on my dry frizzy hair and super dry skin.  The golden oil has a very lovely fragrance and it leaves my skin with a long lasting sweet scent.

My favourite ways of using it are as a hair mask and moisturizer.  Since I prefer my hair to be natural, when I'm at home I don't fancy applying hair products other than the hair tonic, so I use it as a hair mask.  Before I go for outings and joggings, I will pump 2 times of the oil onto my palm, apply and massage it onto my hair especially on the drier ends and excluding the scalp.  It helps to soften and moisturizes my dry straw-like hair and tames the frizzy flyaway hair.

I love using it as a body moisturizer.  Unlike the lotion and cream type of moisturizers which need many rubs and pats for it to thoroughly absorbed into the skin, this oil absorbs instantly into my dry skin, without leaving it oily or greasy.  Before bedtime, I will pump the oil onto my palm and rub it on my arms, hands and legs.  It's not super moisturizing, but with daily use I noticed my dull and rough skin has become brighter and smoother.  What I love most is it leaves my skin looking healthy and pretty with a natural glossy shine.   
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Thank you to Nuxe Singapore for the sponsor.
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30 August 2013

Simple Skincare Hamper

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Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel  150ml
Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser  125ml
Simple Soothing Toner  200ml 
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Simple Kind To Skin Products worth $30 from Simple Skincare Singapore.

29 August 2013

Lowrys Farm Men Polo

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I bought 2 Men Polo from Lowry Farm on Sunday and am super upset with their poor service.

 photo LowryFarmPoloShirt01.jpg

The staff put both the polo into the bigger bag.  My mother loves the bag so I asked her to put them into two bags, but she refused and later she squeezed one polo into the small bag.  She should have given my mother the big bag cos when my mother carries it around, it helps to do free advertising for them.  I'm truly unhappy with her bad attitude.

 photo LowryFarmPoloShirt04.jpg

 photo LowryFarmPoloShirt05.jpg

And worst, they sold me a torn polo.  There's a big hole on the shoulder part.  

How can I continue to support them, I don't think I ever want to buy anymore clothes from them.

 photo LowryFarmPoloShirt03.jpg

Black Box August

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Purer Skin Miracle Serum
Dettol Radiance BodyWash  250ml
 photo BlackBoxAug05.jpg
Darlie Expert White Toothpaste  40g
 photo BlackBoxAug06.jpg
Zappy Insect Repellent Wipes  6g
Zappy After Sports Wipes
Zappy Boy Antiseptic Wipe
Zappy Boy Alcohol Wipe
Zappy Sun System Sunscreen Wipes
 photo BlackBoxAug07.jpg
GlucosCare Tea Sugar Blocker Herbal Tea  -  2.5g x 6 premium Teabags
 photo BlackBoxAug08.jpg
 photo BlackBoxAug09.jpg
 photo BlackBoxAug10.jpg
 photo BlackBoxAug11.jpg
 photo BlackBoxAug12.jpg

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 photo BlackBox01.jpg

Vita Yin Yang 知音虫草

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Supercharge your immunity! Vita Yin Yang is formulated to tonify the kidneys and lungs, relieving symptoms such as respiratory discomfort, coughing and general malaise, and preventing future problems.

 photo VitaYinYang01.png
  • Can only be found in Western China on high mountains 12,000 feet above sea level. Vita Green commercialized it by cultivation. Vita Yin Yang contains 100% premium grade pure cultivated Cordyceps and is sold at an affordable price.
  • 1 capsule = 15 wild cordyceps (in terms of active ingredient).
  • The best health supplement for nasal allergy as it Tonifies the Lung and Nourishes Kidney Yin. According to Chinese Medicine, deficiency of the Lung and Kidney (ubiquitous among city dwellers due to air pollution) create problems in the respiratory system. Vita Yin Yang tonifies kidney and lung therefore helps reduce symptoms and prevent respiratory problems.
  • Excellent for battling air pollution, and a must for smokers to protect the lung.
  • Dosage: For health maintenance, 1 capsule daily. For health improvement, 2-3 capsules daily. 60 capsules per box. Available at all Guardian stores.
  • Original Price: $109. Introductory price: $99.
  • No side effects. Made in Hong Kong.
  • Tip: Vita Yin Yang can be used to boil herbal tonic soups by pouring the Cordyceps powder out of the capsule into the tonic soups.
 photo VitaYinYang03.jpg
 photo VitaYinYang04.jpg
 photo VitaYinYang05.jpg
 photo VitaYinYang06.jpg
 photo VitaYinYang07.jpg
 photo VitaYinYang08.jpg
 photo VitaYinYang09.jpg

One box contains 60 capsules - 6 foil packets, each with 10 individually wrapped capsules
 photo VitaYinYang10.jpg
 photo VitaYinYang11.jpg
My Thoughts
Vita Ying Yang is a health supplement for everyone wanting to improve and maintain their health.  It helps to improve the health of lung, kidney, respiratory system and relieves fatigue. 

I find that it's really convenient for cordyceps to come in the form of capsules which the two-piece gel cap capsules can be easily swallowed with water. Although the golden brown cordyceps powder is inside the capsules, I can still taste the bitterness in my mouth.
I share this bottle with my brother.  After consuming 1 capsule daily for about a week, I noticed that his respiratory problem has improved.  He used to snore real loud in his sleep to the point that he choked himself and can't stop coughing.  Many times, his cough is so bad that I thought he's going to die.  Now, he still snores but in a much smoother way and he's no longer coughing.  I can feel that he doesn't have that kind of heavy breathing anymore.

Thanks to the effectiveness of cordyceps that has aid my brother's respiratory problem.  Now we're finally able to have good nights' sleep without having to worry about his coughing.

 photo VitaYinYang12.png

Thank you to EK Media for the sponsor.
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28 August 2013

Guest Post - 10 DIY Skin Care Recipes

Let’s face it – being beautiful can get expensive. Cleaners, lotions, makeup, exfoliators, night creams and makeup tools are all part of a typical beauty regimen, and the cost can add up. While there may be some splurge products (hello, mineral makeup!) in your beauty arsenal, others may added to the “save” category. Here are 10 great DIY skin care recipes that can save you money and make you feel beautiful.

Moisturizing Milk Bath – A bath can help you relax and regroup, and it’s even better when it improves your skin, too!  Milk is known as a soothing force on the skin, and has been found in many masks and products. Combining powdered milk, oatmeal, powdered almonds and other ingredients will give you a moisturizing soak, and the recipe (found here) will last you for many, many baths.

Honey, Egg and Olive Oil hair mask – Sometimes your hair just cries out for moisture, and when it does, answer with this easy and affordable recipe for a deep-moisture hair treatment.  Mix eggs, honey and olive oil, smooth through your hair, then cover with plastic wrap for up to an hour. Rinse and wash for beautifully shiny hair.

Brown Sugar Scrub – A good sugar scrub can remove dead, dry skin and moisturize. Gel-like exfoliators are great for dry skin, but this slightly drier recipe  can be good for problem areas and as a facial exfoliator. You’ll need brown sugar, extra virgin olive oil, honey and vanilla. Scrub in small circles for 30 to 60 seconds, then rinse.

Citrus Hand Cream – A good hand cream will leave your fingers feeling great and smelling amazing! This DIY Moisturizing hand cream includes orange essential oils, wax pellets, shea butter, olive oil and vitamin E. Microwave the shea butter, wax pellets and olive oil, and then add water and oil and blend. This cream can also make a great gift.

Peppermint lip balm – This great lip balm is no only moisturizing, it’s also refreshing (and not to mention super-portable. For best results, use high-quality cosmetic-grade products (you can find them at Whole Foods or many organic food stores.) You’ll need Shea butter, sweet almond oil, beeswax pellets, and peppermint essential oils. Mix the wax, oil and Shea butter over a double boiler, then add essential oils and pour into small containers.

Moisturizing Coconut Lotion – This easy-to-make lotion is affordable and easy to make, especially if you have dry and sensitive skin. You start with baby lotion, coconut oil, and vitamin E cream, and then whip with a mixer. You can also add essential oils to create your own scented lotion.

Moisturizing Orange Face Mask – Orange extracts are known for adding moisture and glow to your skin, thanks to antioxidants and zinc. This moisturizing orange face mask uses pantry and fridge ingredients for a mask that’s good enough to eat! Mix oatmeal, juice from an orange, Greek yogurt, honey and orange peel until it’s thick enough to coat your face. Add extra oatmeal to thicken if necessary. Leave the mask on for 15 to 30 minutes, then rinse off.

Are you ready to try any of these moisturizing beauty products?

Amanda is a social media manager for a health care organization by day and a blogger and freelance writer by night. She's also a mom to an amazing 2 year-old boy and wife to a great guy who indulges all her celebrity gossip. Amanda loves coffee, fashion, Twitter, makeup, nail polish, and cats (not always in that order.) Her work has been published on family.com and blogher.com. For more celebrity gossip, fashion, beauty and DIY, visit Amanda's blog, It's Blogworthy (http://itsblogworthy.com) or follow her on Twitter and Google+.

26 August 2013

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Thumb Drive

 photo RevlonLipstickThumbDrive03.jpg

 photo RevlonLipstickThumbDrive04.jpg

  photo RevlonLipstickThumbDrive05.jpg

Limited Edition Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Thumb Drive
 photo RevlonLipstickThumbDrive02.jpg
I got the Rubber Thumb Drive from Revlon Singapore.
  photo RevlonLipstickThumbDrive01.jpg
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