11 May 2014

Westgate Gourmet Paradise

  photo Westgate12May01.jpg
Pho Street
Spicy Chicken Noodle  $7.90
With the $5 Voucher, we paid  $3.55
They are purposed to charge us $3.50.  ( So far, they are only ones that round up the cents, normally stalls will deduct the 1 to 4 cents from the bill but this stall is greedy to round it up )

 photo Westgate12May02.jpg

 photo Westgate12May03.jpg

Chicken Skewer  $2.90
Vietnamese Crabcake  $3.90
With the $5 Voucher, we paid  $2.35

 photo Westgate12May04.jpg
 photo Westgate12May06.jpg
 photo Westgate12May05.jpg
Wow Tako  ( Includes the pack home ones )
Beacon & Cheese
Ham & Cheese
With the 3 x $5 Voucher, we paid  $1

  photo Westgate12May08.jpg

Jollibean  ( Includes the pack home ones )
Soymilk  $1.60
Soy Pudding  $2
Stay Crisp Peanut Pancake  $1.20
Multi-Grain Cheese Pancake  $1.40
With the 4 x $5 Voucher, we paid  $3
  photo Westgate12May07.jpg

We packed some food home
  photo Westgate12May09.jpg

 photo Westgate12May12.jpg

Eaten one box of Soy Pudding

 photo Westgate12May13.jpg

 photo Westgate12May14.jpg

 photo Westgate12May15.jpg

 photo Westgate12May16.jpg

 photo Westgate12May17.jpg
  photo Westgate12May10.jpg
  photo Westgate12May11.jpg
 photo WestgateGourmetParadiseVoucher01.png
We got the $5 Vouchers for Westgate Gourmet Paradise at Basement 2 from Westgate

Many of the stalls have already reached their 100 vouchers target so there are limited choices for us.  At the end of the day, we are left with 3 unused vouchers. 
One voucher is wasted at the Pho Street as after pressing the redeem button, the screen went blank.  We entered the voucher number again and it stated as already redeemed.  The young staff saw and knew what happened but refused to accept it.  I'm very unhappy with their bad service.


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