30 June 2014

2B Alternative For Face

 photo 2BAlternativeForFace03.jpg
 photo 2BAlternativeForFace04.jpg
 photo 2BAlternativeForFace05.jpg
 photo 2BAlternativeForFace06.jpg

One box contains 7ml  x 2
 photo 2BAlternativeForFace07.jpg
 photo 2BAlternativeForFace08.jpg
 photo 2BAlternativeForFace09.jpg
 photo 2BAlternativeForFace11.jpg
 photo 2BAlternativeForFace10.jpg
My Thoughts
The concentrated transparent gold serum doesn't have a perfume scent.  It smells alright with a mild pleasant scent.  Every night, I will apply and massage 2 drops of the serum onto my cheeks, jaw and neck.  It's easily absorbed into skin without leaving it with the uncomfortable oily and sticky feeling.  About two weeks later, I can feel that my cheeks are slightly smaller.
After continuous daily usage of 3 boxes, my cheeks do feel and look smaller.  But it doesn't make my face V-shape and also it doesn't work at all to slim down the double chin.
This product is quite expensive, so I don't think I will purchase it again.
 photo 2BAlternativeForFace02.jpg
 photo 2BAlternativeForFace01.jpg

29 June 2014

Skechers Go Bionic Trial

 photo SkechersGoBionicTrial02.jpg
I'm attracted and love the pretty bright color.
 Bought them at a discounted price of $69.
 photo SkechersGoBionicTrial03.jpg
Skechers Go Bionic Trail - 13610 / CCCL
Charcoal / Coral
Women's USA 9 / EUR 39
 photo SkechersGoBionicTrial04.jpg
 photo SkechersGoBionicTrial05.jpg
 photo SkechersGoBionicTrial01.jpg

28 June 2014

Do Do Anna Vogue Pattern Pantyhose

 photo JuneunirornDoDoAnnaVoguePatternPantyhose02.jpg
Do Do Anna Vogue Pattern Pantyhose

 photo JuneunirornDoDoAnnaVoguePatternPantyhose01.jpg
I got it from juneunicorn

Selfie Stick

  photo PhilipsSelfixStick04.jpg

 photo PhilipsSelfixStick03.jpg
Selfie Stick

 photo PhilipsSelfixStick02.jpg

 photo PhilipsSelfixStick01.jpg

We got them from
Philips Sonicare Singapore

27 June 2014

HTC One Case

Speck CandyShell

Two durable layers of protection in a sweet one-piece patented design : a glossy, hard outer shell and a shock-absorbent rubberized interior.

I got it from HTC Singapore

NARUKO Skincare Gift Set

 photo NarukoProducts02.jpg

NARUKO Skincare Gift Set  worth $29.40

 photo NarukoProducts04.jpg

Naruko Narcissus DNA Repairing Night Gelly  60ml

Naruko Narcissus Repairing Mask  25ml

 photo NarukoProducts03.jpg

 photo NarukoProducts01.jpg

I got them from Naruko Singapore

I'm very disappointed with Naruko, they used to mail the gifts over to our homes, but this time they insisted that we have to collect them from their inconveniently located office during our office hours.  I wonder why the sudden change, could it be they have decided to be stingy with the postage fee.

LA Splash Cosmetics Hamper

 photo CLEOLaSpash03.jpg

LA Splash Cosmetics Hamper  worth $105.40

 photo CLEOLaSpash04.jpg
Coastliner Fine Kohl Eyeliner  - E03 Medium Brown  0.03oz
Splash Nail Polish  - Cafe Latte  10ml
Splash Brush-On Honey-Gloss  - Tango  10ml

LA Splash Mermaid Mineral Blush ( Shimmer )  - Persian Gold  2.5g
LA Splash Glitter Mineral Eyeshadow Body & Face  - Gaudy  1.5g
LA Splash Glitz Cream Glitter Shdw  - Flirt  3g

 photo CLEOLaSpash05.jpg

 photo CLEOLaSpash06.jpg

 photo CLEOLaSpash02.jpg
 photo CLEOLaSpash01.jpg

I got it from CLEO Magazine

SK-ll Pitera Essence Set

 photo HerWorldPiteraEssenceSet05.jpg
SK-ll Pitera Essence Set worth $90
SK-II Facial Treatment Essence  75ml
SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion  40ml
SK-II Facial Treatment Mask
 photo HerWorldPiteraEssenceSet02.jpg
 photo HerWorldPiteraEssenceSet01.jpg
 photo HerWorldPiteraEssenceSet03.jpg
 photo HerWorldPiteraEssenceSet04.jpg
We got them from Her World Singapore

26 June 2014

Alexandra Village Food Centre

 photo AV26Jun01.jpg
 photo AV26Jun02.jpg
Night-Blooming Cereus Spareribs Soup with Rice  $4
I have always love the good taste soup, but then today the meat is a little tough and the whole lot veggies are hard and didn't taste good. 
Satay Bee Hoon  $4
So far, this stall cooks the best satay bee hoon.  The gravy is super delicious.  This is the same stall in Redhill Food Centre.  Redhill Food Centre is currently closed for maintenance so they rented a temporary store here.
 photo AV26Jun03.jpg
 photo AV26Jun04.jpg

25 June 2014

Mi Power Bank 10400mAh

  photo RedmiPowerBank04.jpg

Mi Power Bank  10400mAh

  photo RedmiPowerBank05.jpg

 photo RedmiPowerBank03.jpg

 photo RedmiPowerBank02.jpg

 photo RedmiPowerBank01.jpg

Thanks to Teck for the gift

MacDonald’s - Bukit Merah Central

 photo McDonaldsBMC25Jun01.jpg
With a coupon, we paid $2 for a
From Surprise Alarm -
We paid $3 for a
Fiesta Lime McFizz and Tasty Crispy Cutlet Set
This set is really delicious.  I love the fizzy drink and also the hot and crispy cutlet.
 photo McDonaldsBMC25Jun04.jpg
 photo McDonaldsBMC25Jun03.jpg
and got a Free 3 oz Corn Cup  worth 50 cents
 photo McDonaldsBMC25Jun02.jpg
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