28 February 2014


 photo AFCActiveSlim01.jpg

 photo AFCActiveSlim02.jpg

AFC ActiveSLIM Burn & Shape  -  400mg x 120 capsules

 photo AFCActiveSlim03.jpg

 photo AFCActiveSlim04.jpg

 photo AFCLipoDown201.jpg

I got it from AFC Japan

Goodrich Shopping Bag

 photo GoodrichShoppingBag04.jpg

 photo GoodrichShoppingBag05.jpg

Goodrich Shopping Bag worth $30 each

PVC bag with black fabric interior lining

 photo GoodrichShoppingBag06.jpg

 photo GoodrichShoppingBag02.jpg

 photo GoodrichShoppingBag03.jpg
 photo GoodrichShoppingBag01.jpg

We got them from 
Goodrich Gallery Singapore.
Collecting them at Changi South Lane is really far and inconvenient.  And I'm very disappointed with the unfriendly and rude attitude of the young lady who gave us the bags.

KOMONO Winston - Gold

 photo komonoWinstonGoldWatch02.jpg

KOMONO Winston - Gold  worth $149

 photo komonoWinstonGoldWatch03.jpg

 photo komonoWinstonGoldWatch04.jpg

 photo komonoWinstonGoldWatch01.jpg

I got it from UOB Cards

Cetaphil Products

 photo LiveWellBabyCetaphil02.jpg

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser  118ml
Cetaphil DailyAdvance Ultra Hydrating Lotion  473ml

 photo LiveWellBabyCetaphil01.jpg

 photo LiveWellBabyCetaphil03.jpg

We got them from LiveWell Baby

Black Box February

 photo BlackBox14Feb03.jpg

 photo BlackBox14Feb02.jpg

 photo BlackBox14Feb01.jpg

 photo BlackBox14Feb08.jpg

Hee Eternity Hydro-Gel Mask  24K Gold & Syn-Ake  29g

 photo BlackBox14Feb09.jpg

L'Oreal Elseve Extraordinary Oil  Miracle Hair Oil Treatment  3.5ml

 photo BlackBox14Feb10.jpg

Nivea Body Lotion In-Shower Intensive Skin Conditioner  10ml

 photo BlackBox14Feb11.jpg

Ziaja Orange Butter Creamy Shower Soap  7ml
Ziaja Natural Olive Body Butter  7ml
Ziaja Goat's Milk Body Lotion  7ml
Ziaja Marine Algae Deep Moisturizing Cream  

 photo BlackBox14Feb12.jpg

Darlie Expert Fresh Toothpaste  40g

 photo BlackBox14Feb13.jpg

Unisoy Instant Nutritious Soya Milk Powder  30g
Unisoy Nutritious Black Soy Milk Powder  32g

 photo BlackBox14Feb07.jpg

 photo BlackBox14Feb04.jpg

 photo BlackBox14Feb06.jpg

 photo BlackBox14Feb05.jpg

27 February 2014

RN Spa Vouchers

 photo MethodRNSpaVoucher02.jpg

A pair of RN Spa Voucher worth $192.60 each

 photo MethodRNSpaVoucher03.jpg

 photo MethodRNSpaVoucher01.jpg
I got them from Method Home Singapore.

25 February 2014

$30 FairPrice Gift Voucher

 photo FamilyFirstNTUCVoucher02.jpg

$10 FairPrice Gift Voucher  x 3

 photo FamilyFirstNTUCVoucher01.jpg

I got them from Family First!

23 February 2014

Seven Wonders Moroccan Argan Oil Skin Serum Special Trial Pack

 photo SevenWondersMoroccanArganOilSkinserum03.jpg

 photo SeveWondersMoroccanArganOilSkinSerum02.jpg

Seven Wonders Moroccan Argan Oil Skin Serum  10ml

 photo SevenWondersMoroccanArganOilSkinserum02.jpg

Griddy Vouchers

 photo GriddyVoucher02.jpg

Free Griddy Dessert Voucher
Free Griddy Sandwich with Drink Voucher
 photo GriddyVoucher01.jpg
 photo GriddyVoucher03.jpg
We got them from Griddy.

Frezfruta Peach Jam

  photo LionCityFrezfrutaPeachJam02.jpg

Frezfruta Peach Jam  75g

 photo LionCityFrezfrutaPeachJam03.jpg
 photo LionCityFrezfrutaPeachJam01.jpg

 photo LionCityFrezfrutaPeachJam04.jpg

We got them from Lion City Distributions Pte Ltd.

19 February 2014

For Beloved One Melasleep Whitening Bio-Cellulose Mask

 photo ForBelovedOneFeb02.jpg
For Beloved One Melasleep Whitening Bio-Cellulose Mask  

 photo ForBelovedOneFeb01.jpg

18 February 2014

Eu Yan Sang 余仁生 Goodie Bag

 photo EuYanSangHerbal03.jpg

A Complimentary Consultation Session Voucher

 photo EuYanSangHerbal07.jpg

Eu Yan Sang LuoHanGuo - Dates Tea  330ml

 photo EuYanSangHerbal08.jpg

 photo EuYanSangHerbal09.jpg

 photo EuYanSangHerbal04.jpg

Eu Yan Sang Collagen Herbal Jelly  200g

 photo EuYanSangHerbal05.jpg

 photo EuYanSangHerbal06.jpg

 photo EuYanSangHerbal02.jpg

 photo EuYanSangHerbal01.png

I got them from Eu Yan Sang 余仁生

I'm very disappointed with Eu Yan Sang for making me go so far away to their inconvenient located Tai Seng office to collect the two products.  Since they have so many outlets all over Singapore, they should have arranged for the winners to collect them at anyone of the outlets.  It's a waste of leave, time and transport fee to go all the away there to collect two small items during my working hours.  Since they are so stingy with the gifts inside the goodie bag and also doesn't seem to appreciate and are inconsiderate to their royal customer, maybe I should stop my mother and sister to buy anymore of their products.

My mother is a member and she won a
Eu Yan Sang Superior Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar  100g
in their monthly lucky draw which she has collected it from their Chinatown outlet.

 photo EuYanSangProduct04.jpg

Besides my mother, my sister is also a royal customer.  She always buys tons of these products.

 photo EuYanSangProduct01.jpg

 photo EuYanSangProduct02.jpg

Eu Yan Sang Herbal Jelly
Eu Yan Sang Premium Concentrated Bird’s Nest ( Sugar Free )  150g

 photo EuYanSangProduct03.jpg

Eu Yan Sang Qi Zi

 photo EuYanSangProduct05.jpg

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