08 May 2018

Big Fat Cat

He is a fat, cute, friendly and lazy cat

27 April 2018

Ceradan Ceramoz


Congratulations, you have won the Ceradan contest via Watsons Singapore FB page! You have won a Ceradan Wash 150ml and a Ceramoz 50g.

Please find below prize collection details:
1) The collection period for your prize is strictly between 23 Apr – 4 May 2018. (Collection is only available on weekdays till 530pm; please avoid 12 to 2pm lunch break).
Please contact Emilia Quek at 6887 9593 and inform her at least one working day in advance before you arrive at Hyphens Pharma Pte Ltd to make your collection.

Collection address:
Hyphens Pharma Pte Ltd
138 Joo Seng Road, 3rd Floor
Singapore 368361

2) Present this PM so we can verify your identity upon collection.

3) If you are unable to make the collection personally, you may authorise someone else to make the collection on your behalf. Please advise us the Full Name, and Contact Number of the authorised person who will make the collection for you. Please note that you/your authorised personnel will need to personally sign a collection form upon receipt of your prize.

This authorised person will need to bring a print-out of this PM to make the collection on your behalf.

4) If you do not collect your prize by 4 May 2018, your prize will be forfeited. Due to audit purposes, we are unable to extend the collection period stated above.

By replying, you hereby consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your winning entry for publicity and promotional purposes published by Hyphens Pharma. Thank you!

Ceradan Soap Free Moisturising Body Wash 150ml   $19.60
Ceramoz Mosquito Repellent Cream 50g   

Hyphens is one the most cheapskate companies, giving away expiring products and deliberately making it so troublesome when authorizing someone to collect on behalf of the winners.    

This is a win from Watsons so collection should be like all other wins done at Watsons office located at

80 Anson Road
#10-00 Fuji Xerox Tower
Singapore 079907

Fuji Xerox Tower is already not very convenient to go, but at least its much convenient than to go to the super inconvenient location 138 Joo Seng Road. 

Giving away some cheapskate products that are expiring and low priced. These 2 products cannot even cover the leave, time, transport fee to go all the way so far there.   Some more the employees got a super long 2 hours lunch time.

If they want people to go to their office, shift to Orchard or Chinatown area where it will be so much convenient for everybody, instead of the cheap rental office that is so far away and not convenient to access. 

What a shame that they cannot even afford postage fee of 90 cents, but instead causing us great inconvenience to purposely make a trip up there in the stormy rainy days. Just cos they want to save postage, they endanger our lives, nowadays, there are so many road accidents that took lives in the rainy season. 

Pls do not treat us like beggars, want to do giveaway, give new products, do not give expiring products, keep the expiring products for yourself and your baby use. And also pls state the prices + expiry dates of the products and the collection location when hosting the giveaway, so that we can decide if its worth to enter. 

Probably this is their way to cheat people to enter their contests so that they can get rid of their old leftover stock that nobody wants to buy. It is definitely not nice to use expiring stock as prizes, treating us like rubbish dump. 

I don't see any sincerity in them, the only reason for doing this giveaway is to clear their old stock. I really hate people that are so selfish, inconsiderate, unreasonable and purposely want to make other people lives miserable. If they require us to fill up a form, just email the form over, we can print out, sign it, scan it and email it back. After they received it, they can proceed with the mailing, but they decide to do it the most ignorant way. 

Obviously in general, many are heartless people that do not spare a thought for others, they are hell of stingy and don't use much of their brains, only want to make lives difficult for other people in their procedure of printing and authorizing here and there to collect some cheapo prizes, and to waste our time to travel to and fro so far up to the ulu location to collect the small expiring products. Want to do giveaway, include postage, its not so expensive isn't it. 

This kind of company is not even worth my support, will never purchase any of their products. Some people are damn ridiculous, only think about themselves, cheap delivery services are available everywhere, like Qxpress courier service $4.80, Singpost normal mail 90 cents, Smartpac $3.20, Park N Parcel $3.  So cheap also cannot afford, what a hahaha. Real disgusting and annoying.  Who wants to use expiring things, waste our leave, time & money to collect these useless products. 

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