10 May 2014

Yoshinoya at Chinatown Point

  photo YoshinoyaXhinatownPoint01.jpg
 photo YoshinoyaXhinatownPoint04.jpg
Beef with Vegetables  $7.90
Salmon and Ebi Fry  $10.90
 photo YoshinoyaXhinatownPoint05.jpg
Miso Soup
 photo YoshinoyaXhinatownPoint03.jpg
Coca Cola
The staff auntie is dirty and messy, she gave us 2 cups of coke where the coke is all over the outside of the plastic cups and flows onto the table, and our hands are all wet and sticky

 photo YoshinoyaXhinatownPoint02.jpg
Free Mochi when made the purchase using their Kiosk

 photo YoshinoyaXhinatownPoint06.jpg

The cold mochi with the cold soggy red bean filling tastes really weird.  I don't like it.
  photo YoshinoyaXhinatownPoint07.jpg


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