30 August 2014

The Manhattan Fish Market - Suntec City

 1 for 1 AXS Promo
Manhattan Fish n Chips - Feeesh n Cheese  $12.95
The fish meat is kinda small but they are fresh and soft. Fries are a little soggy.
I don't like the chili sauce cos it tastes so sweet like ketchup.

Salmon Chowder  $5.50
It's quite salty but it's nice. I like it.

Fried Calamari  $5.95
The fried calamari is kinda nice with the crispy outside layer. It’s served with smoky chipotle sauce.

We paid $28.73 for the total bill

We went to their Marina Square outlet and were told that we have to wait for 45 minutes for our food as a big group has just gone inside. We came from Suntec City and got to walk back there again. I not at all like their Suntec City outlet. It's congested, the tables and chairs are put so close to one other. The restaurant lighting is dim and we got to wait so long for the busy crew to take our order. We called a crew and he told us to wait for a while, but after so long he never came to us so we called another one to take our order.

FairPrice Walks With U 2014

Waterfront Promenade, Marina Bay

 photo NTUCWalkYou29.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYou00.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYou01.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYou02.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYou03.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYou04.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYou05.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYou06.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYou07.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYou08.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYou09.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYou10.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYou11.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYou12.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYou13.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYou14.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYou15.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYou16.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYou17.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYou18.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYou19.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYou20.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYou21.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYou22.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYou23.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYou24.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYou25.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYou26.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYou27.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYou28.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYou30.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYou35.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYou31.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYou32.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYou34.jpg

Size L & XL

 photo NTUCWalkYou33.jpg

Goodie Bag

 photo NTUCWalkYouGoodieBag01.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYouGoodieBag02.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYouGoodieBag03.jpg

Banana Boat Sport Sunscreen Lotion SPF UVB 50 PA+++  11.8ml

 photo NTUCWalkYouGoodieBag04.jpg

Loreal Nutri-Gloss Light Shine Shampoo  170ml
Loreal Re-Nutrition Nourishing Shampoo  170ml

 photo NTUCWalkYouGoodieBag05.jpg

Garnier Men AcnoFight 6-in-1 Anti-Acne Foam  50ml

 photo NTUCWalkYouGoodieBag06.jpg

Olay Clarity Fresh Cleanser  50g

 photo NTUCWalkYouGoodieBag07.jpg

Garnier Flower Infusion Japanese Camelia Essence  19ml
Garnier Flower Infusion French Lily Essence  19ml

 photo NTUCWalkYouGoodieBag08.jpg

FairPrice Hand Sanitiser - Fresh  60ml
FairPrice Hand Sanitiser - Lavender  60ml

 photo NTUCWalkYouGoodieBag09.jpg

Zappy Everyday Wipes  15 sheets

 photo NTUCWalkYouGoodieBag10.jpg

Kleenex UltraSoft 3-Ply Facial Tissues  8 sheets x 12 packets

 photo NTUCWalkYouGoodieBag11.jpg

Sunbeam Canola Oil  500ml

 photo NTUCWalkYouGoodieBag12.jpg

Knife Rice Bran Oil  150ml

 photo NTUCWalkYouGoodieBag13.jpg

Naturel Organic Hom Mali Mixed Brown and Red Rice  500g

 photo NTUCWalkYouGoodieBag14.jpg

Quaker Oats For Rice  200g

 photo NTUCWalkYouGoodieBag15.jpg

Cheezels Original Cheese  15g

 photo NTUCWalkYouGoodieBag16.jpg

F&N Seasons Ice Lemon Green Tea  300ml

 photo NTUCWalkYouGoodieBag17.jpg

Horlicks Malties  Original  3 sachets x 9 pieces  38.4g

 photo NTUCWalkYouGoodieBag18.jpg

Horlicks Chocolate 3 in 1  30g

 photo NTUCWalkYouGoodieBag19.jpg

Chips Ahoy! Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookies  72g

 photo NTUCWalkYouGoodieBag21.jpg

Fridge Magnet Writing Board
Marker Pen
Sticky Notes

 photo NTUCWalkYouGoodieBag22.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYouGoodieBag23.jpg

Kids Water Bottle

 photo NTUCWalkYouGoodieBag24.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYouGoodieBag25.jpg

Komax Color Cup

 photo NTUCWalkYouGoodieBag26.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYouGoodieBag27.jpg


 photo NTUCWalkYouGoodieBag28.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYouGoodieBag29.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYouGoodieBag20.png

Plastic Spoon & Fork


 photo NTUCWalkYouGoodieBag30.jpg

 photo NTUCWalkYouGoodieBag31.jpg

I got them from Bubba & Mama

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