17 May 2014

Singapore Entertainment Awards 2014 《 新加坡e乐大赏 》

 photo SingaporeaBotanicGardenSingaporEAwards201406.jpg
Celebration Party at Hard Rock Hotel - The Coliseum ( Sentosa )

Lollipop F  棒棒堂
Budak Pantai
Ruco Chan  陈展鹏
Ling Kai  铃凯
Issac Dang  邓养天
Jia Jia  家家
Alien Huang  黄鸿升
Super Junior M - Henry

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 photo SingaporeaBotanicGardenSingaporEAwards201407.jpg

 photo SingaporeaBotanicGardenSingaporEAwards201402.jpg

 photo SingaporeaBotanicGardenSingaporEAwards201403.jpg

Collected the tickets from Singapore Botanic Gardens which was so last minute and really rush.  Got an email on Thursday late afternoon and was told to collect the Entry Passes on the next day Friday.  I hope they don't do things like that again.  We need to work and it's not nice to take urgent leave from work.  They should have informed us early and let us have ample time to collect them before the event on Saturday.

Exchanged the 2 Entry Passes at Hard Rock Hotel for 2 VIP Entry Tickets to go inside The Coliseum.
  photo SingaporeaBotanicGardenSingaporEAwards201404.jpg
 photo SingaporeaBotanicGardenSingaporEAwards201405.jpg

Actually I didn't want to go, but decided to go cos I wanna see Henry.  It was nice to see him perform, but disappointed that my camera isn't good so I was unable to take clear pictures.   

And I'm super unhappy with the security guards for being ridiculously unrespectful and rude.
 photo SingaporeaBotanicGardenSingaporEAwards201400.jpg
Admission Ticket to Sentosa cost $1 per person
 photo SingaporeaBotanicGardenSingaporEAwards201401.jpg

Got 2 Free Entry Passes from Singapore Botanic Gardens


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