31 May 2014

Chupa Chups T-Shirt

U N I Q L O Kids ( Girls )
Chupa Chups Short Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt  $14.90

I got it from Chupa Chups Singapore

29 May 2014

LG Gifts

   photo LGTV03.jpg
 photo LGTV04.jpg

EZ-Link Card  $10  x 2
Cathay Complimentary Pass  x 2
 photo LGTV05.jpg
 photo LGTV06.jpg
 photo LGTV01.jpg
LG Ultra HDTV 55LA9650
Pantos LCD / LED Mount

 photo LGTV02.jpg
We got them from LG Singapore
The delivery man was supposed to come yesterday between 2 to 6pm, but we waited until 7 plus pm and got a call saying that their vehicle broke down, but I think it's fake cos he asked if the TV has arrived and when I said no then he said the vehicle broke down and asked if they can come later in the night.  How can both the different delivery vehicles broke down at the same time.  It's just that they can't make it on time so they created a lie.  He said they will come today between 11am to 3pm.  We've wasted our time and waited long enough yesterday so we requested that they come before noon.  Luckily they kept their promise.  Both the delivery men for the two TV items came before 12pm.

27 May 2014

Giordano Polygon Cap

 photo GiordanoPolygonCap02.jpg
Polygon Cap
 photo GiordanoPolygonCap03.jpg
 photo GiordanoPolygonCap04.jpg
 photo GiordanoPolygonCap05.jpg
 photo GiordanoPolygonCap01.jpg

26 May 2014


 photo CleanGreenVoucher01.jpg
Kinokuniya $5 Gift Voucher
Mr Bean Dollars $5 Voucher
 photo CleanGreenVoucher02.jpg
Starbucks Card  $10
 photo CleanGreenVoucher03.jpg

 photo CleanGreenVoucher04.jpg
We got them from Clean & Green Singapore

Suntec City

 photo SuntecFoodJunction01.jpg
Food Junction

Thai Chicken Chop Rice  $5.80

It’s cold soup, cold hard rice, cold egg, cold veggie and cold tough chicken meat. The Thai chili sauce on the chicken meat is too little. Not nice at all, I don’t like it.
 photo SuntecFoodJunction02.jpg
 photo SuntecShihlin01.jpg
Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks

Handmade Oyster Mee Sua  $4
XXL Crispy Chicken  $4.20
Yeo’s Iced Tea - Lemon
Only at Suntec City, Buy any 2 Free 1 Yeo’s Drink or get a 20 cents discount. We got the drink as it’s worth more than 20 cents.

The China staff is a bit stingy, the mee sua is only half a paper container full. I love it hot, but this one is only warm and I dislike the tough shredded chicken.
 photo SuntecShihlin02.jpg
 photo SuntecShihlin03.jpg

25 May 2014

Tiong Bahru Plaza

 photo TiongBahruBahruPezzoPizza02.jpg
 photo TiongBahruBahruPezzoPizza03.jpg
Pezzo Big Daddy  $4.50
Coca Cola  $1
McDonald's Double Cheeseburger with Fries and Sprite  $5
 photo TiongBahruBahruPezzoPizza01.jpg

I don't like the Pezzo Big Daddy Pizza as it's cold and really tough that bite till my teeth gonna fall out.

Silver Cat

 photo RHCat01.jpg

Saw the beautiful silver cat sunbathing on the grass infront of a petrol station.

 photo RHCat02.jpg

Yami Yogurt $3 Voucher

  photo YamiYogurtMotherDay03.jpg

Yami Yogurt $3 Voucher
 photo YamiYogurtMotherDay01.jpg
 photo YamiYogurtMotherDay02.jpg
We got them from Yami Yogurt

Café21 Gifts

 photo Cafe21Gift03.jpg

Coffee Mug

 photo Cafe21Gift04.jpg

 photo Cafe21Gift05.jpg

 photo Cafe21Gift02.jpg

 photo Cafe21Gift01.jpg

 photo Cafe21Gift08.jpg

Cafe 21  2 in 1 Instant Coffeemix  12g x 2
Cafe 21  Low Fat 2 in 1 Instant Coffeemix  14g x 2

 photo Cafe21Gift09.jpg

 photo Cafe21Gift07.jpg

Bengawan Solo $5 Gift Voucher

 photo Cafe21Gift06.jpg

We got them from Café21

Vital Greens

 photo VitalGreenSample02.jpg
Vital Greens  5g x 14 Sachets
 photo VitalGreenSample03.jpg
 photo VitalGreenSample04.jpg
 photo VitalGreenSample05.jpg

Frankly, I don't quite like it as it got a kind of weird taste.  It's not easily dissolved in water, even mixing it with boiling hot water and no matter how much and hard I stir it, there will still be powder floating inside and after drinking it, there will be a thick layer of powder sticking to the bottom of the cup.  Later I realized that's the residue.

However I find that this is a really good health supplement for people like me who rarely eat fruits and veggies.  Every morning or night time, I will have a sachet mixed with water.  I prefer it natural cos when I mixed it with juice or milk, it tastes even more weird.
 photo VitalGreenSample07.jpg
 photo VitalGreenSample08.jpg

 photo VitalGreenSample01.jpg
 photo VitalGreenSample06.jpg

We got them from Vital Greens Singapore

24 May 2014

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks

 photo Shihlin313SomersetMay01.jpg
Handmade Oyster Mee Sua  $4
 photo Shihlin313SomersetMay02.jpg
XXL Crispy Chicken  $4.20
 photo Shihlin313SomersetMay03.jpg
Sweet Plum Potato Fries  $3
 photo Shihlin313SomersetMay04.jpg
  photo Shihlin313SomersetMay05.png
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