30 March 2013

Starbucks Coffee


In January, I won a tall-size beverage and the expiry date is tomorrow, so I quickly went to claim it at Starbucks Coffee100am.

I ordered the Dark Mocha Java Chip Frappuccino Blended $6.60 and paid 80 cents to upsize it to Grande.

I got the tall-size Starbucks beverage from
100 AM.

29 March 2013

The Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothing Day Cream

We got The Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothing Day Cream 15ml from Perkd app.

To redeem yours, sms DOY to 91115541 on your smart phone.

Shu Uemura Samples


shu uemura TSUYA skin youthful radiance generator 1ml x 2
shu uemura face architect smooth fit fluid foundation in 564 medium light sand 1ml
I'm super unhappy with the poor service by a Malay promoter at Robinsons Raffles City.  After trying out the POREraser, I requested for the trial kit, but she kept insisting that there're no samples.  Finally I told her my friend was given some samples, then she took out a box of samples and gave me 3.  My friend got a total of 6 sachets, 3 each for the two products.  How come I only got 3?

This is my second encounter with an unprofessional stingy shu uemura promoter.  The previous was sometime ago at Robinsons Centrepoint, upon showing the handphone's sms to claim a 3 days cleansing oil sample, she rudely demanded me to delete the sms infront of her eyes.  How can I not be upset with their kind of ridiculous attitude!
I got the 3 sachet samples from shu uemura.

So-Yea $10 Gift Voucher

  photo CommunitySportsClubSoYeaVoucher02.jpg
So-Yea $10 Gift Voucher from Community Sports Club.

 photo CommunitySportsClubSoYeaVoucher01.jpg

Cable Tie

We got the Cable Ties from Headphone Buddy at Song Brothers.


28 March 2013

Kneipp Healthy Feet Anti-Callus-Salve

My Thoughts
The concentrated soft and smooth yellowish cream has a very strong scent, which stings my nose a bit.
Every night, I will apply and rub it onto both my feet.  It's easily absorbed into the skin, leaving them oily.  When I walked, my oily foot prints are all over the floor tiles.
I have severely dry feet with cracked heels.  On the first few applications, my feet seem to have gotten softer and smoother, but then on the continuous applications and even after I finished the whole tube, the bottom of my feet are still dry with the hard coarse skin and cracked heels.  But it did help to moisturize the top part of my feet.

27 March 2013

Dove Go Fresh Rebalance Body Wash - Plum and Sakura Scent


My Thoughts

The light purple creamy wash has a very nice sweet floral fragrance.  With water added, it will lather to bubbles.  When bathing, it gives my skin a refreshing feeling and a smooth coating which can't be washed off with water.  After bath, my skin feels fresh, smooth and moisturized.  But it's not moisturizing enough for my super dry skin.


26 March 2013

Biotherm Cleansing Shower Milk

A true shower cleanser with an energizing scent that melts into milky softness. The soup-free formula is enriched with extra moisturizing oils to protect dry skin, and contains citrus essences which leave a delicate scent on the skin.

My Thoughts

The thick and creamy white shower milk has a powdery citrus scent.  With water added, it lathers to rich bubbles.  After bathing, my skin feels clean, smooth and moisturized.

I love its thick and creamy texture, and how it lathers to rich bubbles, but I don't fancy its weird kind of powdery scent.

24 March 2013

ORSiR Spa Coffee

Pleasure Blend
Calm Blend


To make the coffee


Cut open the top part, pull out the paper hooks on both sides and hang it on top of a cup.

Pour hot water onto the coffee powder and wait for the coffee water to slowly flow out into the cup.

Tada ... it's ready for drinking.

My cousin commented that the coffee is bothersome to make and both tasted like kopi-o.

22 March 2013

Lactacyd V-day Pampering Gift Pack

Lactacyd Youth Reviving Daily Feminine Wash  250ml
Lactacyd Whitening Daily Feminine Wash  250ml

Emery Board

Toe Nail Separator

Bath Puff

Bath Headband

Wood Massage Roller

From Lactacyd Love Your V.

Black and White Cat

The cat originally belonged to a drinks stall in a hawker centre, but after the hawker centre got renovated, the stall wasn't there anymore. They probably gave up the stall and left the cat behind. I think it's now relying on a framing shop's owner for food.
I'm wondering if it's sick cos' it looks really skinny at the back.




20 March 2013

Lactacyd Nourish Moisturizing Daily Feminine Wash

My Thoughts
The creamy white wash has a strong perfume scent.  With water added, it will lather to a little bubble.  It can be used at any time when that part feels dry, itchy and during menstruation.  It really helps to keep it feeling clean and fresh for quite some time, but it only temporary removes the odour. 
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