23 December 2016

SG Organic

Recently my brother-in-law won a mystery gift in the Santa Barry Surprise Giveaway for my mother, it was purposed to be delivered in the morning of 23 December 2016, but they request for delivery in the afternoon, so my brother-in-law told them to deliver before 12pm, but they came at almost 1pm.  My mother got to work at 1pm so she left at 12.15pm, which is the latest time that she could wait. 

My mother told me to take urgent leave, come back, wait & receive the prize for her, so I rushed back & waited till almost 1pm, than 2 people, one middle aged man & a younger lady came, but they refused to pass the box to me, saying they were told by their office to pass the box to my mother cos they want to take a photo of her.

All they want is a photo, & its just a photo. Anyone can just take the photo, but the man insisted no.  And they want to come back again later.   Come on lah, you think my family is so free, everyday sit at home waiting for them.  Or they think my house is a brothel or coffee shop where they can come & go as and when they wish.  Some more they said they are busy with their many deliveries today, but this man still got the time to come back again.  What a big liar. 

 I don't see any sincerity in them, you mean when they post the photos on facebook, other people will know the face of my mother.   Wasted my mother & my half day leave waited for nothing. 

They came late, never apologized, & they aspect my mother to wait for them till 1pm, she took half day leave to wait for them is already good enough.  If my mother wait till 1pm, then she has to take a full day leave.

They really got attitude problem, they are the ones that couldn't keep to the appointment time, & still say cannot pass the box over to me.  Why daughter cannot receive the box for my very own mother,  I came out from her belly.   Maybe this is their trick so that they can save the box up for themselves.  This man may even bring it home for his own family.

They can simply asked my brother-in-law to email over to their office, saying that he wants to change the recipient to me.  It’s so easy, but they don't care.   Since it’s not stated that he can't change the recipient, so obviously it can be changed.  Anyway, when entering the giveaway, it’s not stated that recipient must be at home, & didn't mention about photo taking.  Its only when the man came, he said that.  Just some cheapo prize, so neow, so inflexible, like that how do business & how people want to support them. 
Why waste other people time waiting. This is totally unacceptable.  Till now, not an email or phone call, or delivery of the box.  Late and not apologetic.  This shows how arrogant they are.

What a disappointing SG Organic located at Tan Boon Liat Building which is just so near to my house & they want to be late, & upset my mother so badly.  Just a box of cheapstake thing & want to be to stingy.  

I can't find any sincerity in them and their service is definitely far below standard. Being so inflexible, bad attitude, I will definitely spread the word so that people will not be their next victim.  Behave just like hooligans.

Late till want to talk so much.  So inflexible, so , how to do business like that.   My advice to you is, don't never support or buy anything from them.  They are not worth it. 

You know what, after all these disappointments, I picked up $50 from the street when I go dinner with my mother at night.  Haha, God is comforting us by being upset with these despicable小人.   Happy but still very angry.   Can't believe got these type of people.

Late, never apologize, still want to argue so much.  This is no way to do business, if they continue to provide this kind of service and attitude, sooner or later their business will close down.

Nowadays, may companies are like that, treat us like some kind of beggar or low class people, think they are God when they do giveaways.   Arrogant & inflexible is not the way to do business.

08 November 2016

Nutella Hazelnut Spread With Cocoa

Hazelnut Spread With Cocoa  375g


Won a bottle of Nutella previously and it was delivered to my house, but this time they made the winners to self collect.

It is just a $5 small bottle of Nutella, $3.90 at Value Shop and $5 cannot even cover my leave from work and transport fee to travel there.

If Nutella is so stingy with the postage, than don't organize giveaway.  It's only a cheapo bottle of Nutella and want to cause us inconvenience.

Have to collect at the agency, most agencies that I went got bad attitude, unfriendly, demanding, force people to take photos and super stingy with the postage.  I think agencies are only wanting to earn their clients money and they provide bad service to us.   The most common is stingy with the postage fee,  most of them won't even want to pay 30 cents for the postage of a voucher.

The guy here is friendly, just hate it that they are stingy with the postage.  If Nutella wants to hire a super stingy agency, then don't organize giveaways.  I can simply walk to the nearby supermarket to buy it, at least I don't have to waste my leave and transport money, and still can earn point with the supermarket card.   They should have been more sincere and also giveaway the big $10 bottle.  If so stingy, must as well keep the Nutella in their pantry for their own staff to eat.

Do you know how difficult is it to find this small unit where it's at a corner without unit number on the door, only paste an A4 size paper at the side of the wall with the small words address on it.  Walked all over and into another office with the unit no. #02-00 and the lady was so surprised when I said Nutella, but she was very friendly.

DCG Digital Singapore Pte. Ltd
Pico Creative Centre
20 Kallang Avenue
#02-00, Lobby A
Singapore 339411

I won't be supporting Nutella anymore.

From Nutella

07 October 2016

Lunch Box & Shopping Bag

I won a lunch box & reusable shopping bag. This is such a cheapskate win & she made me so angry.

Lunch Box 

Shopping Bag

This is the email I received

From: Dola Roychoudhury - Web Spiders
Sent: Friday, September 30, 2016 4:50 PM
Cc: Mandy Cheong; Merlin Wynn Marcos - Web Spiders; Anirban Banerjee; Palalika Chanda
Subject: Prize Collection Details for Waste Less Save More Quiz


Congratulations! We are pleased to recognise you as one of the winners of our Waste Less Save More Quiz - 4. Here are the prize collection details - 

Collection Days: Thursday (6th Oct 2016) and Friday (7th Oct 2016)
Time: 12 Noon - 1 pm 

WS Group Pte. Ltd. 
168 Robinson Road, #12-01 Capital Tower, 
Singapore 068912 

Contact Person: Mandy Cheong 

Note* - Please carry your NRIC card and its photocopy with you as identification.

In case you're not able to come in person and sending someone else in your behalf, kindly send over the attached authorisation letter duly filled, in addition to your representative's NRIC card along with its photocopy.

You need to carry the acknowledgement letter attached here as well.


Dola Roy Choudhury
Senior Social Media Manager | Web Spiders Group
Phone: +91.33.2474.3581-85 | Fax: +91.33.2474.3500


The office is at Collective on #12-01. I see all "ang mo" except for the receptionists. 

Going into a CDB area is really expensive, the ERP & parking fee is super expensive. I was given only 1 hour on 2 days to collect the prize. This is so ridiculous. How can give so short collection time. They think everyone is so free like them, shake leg in the office got nothing to do.

The young pretty lady is really ridiculously unreasonable; demanding & forcing. I brought my driver's license, so far no one ever says no to my driver's license. She told me to go down again to collect the prize with my IC. Actually, driver's license and IC are the same, both got photo, IC number and full name. Its just that the blue & pink color is different. 

She took a photo of me with the prize & my driver's license but still not satisfied, she insisted I got to go back again with my IC to collect the prize. I told her I will email her my IC when I go back home, she kept saying no. This person is super inflexible, has no trust, really arrogant & bad attitude.

Want to talk to her boss, but she said all not in.  Even if they are in, they will do the same.  This show how unprofessional Web Spiders is.  Want me to go down again, waste my leave, time, petrol, ERP & parking fee for some cheapo prize.  Frankly speaking these cheapo stuff cannot even cover my transport fee.

Taking a photo of me is cos they want to show NEA as they are afraid that NEA will say that they are taking the prizes home for their own use. Is she telling me that they used to do that or there are thieves in their own office? 

A small cheapo lunch box and a cheapo nylon bag, how much can these cheapskate things cost, yet she wants to make a big fuss about it. After some sweet talk from my bro, she agreed that I can email her my IC later at night, but then she forced my bro to let her take 2 photos of the front & back his IC as guarantee. 

Some company just has no respect for others, taking photo of the front is fine but how can she take the back where there is address, blood type and thumb print. We don't feel comfortable about it. Maybe they want to sell our particulars or to spam or scam us. Who knows!

I understand that there is a Government Personal Data Protection Act. I hope Web Spiders can respect our privacy. They ought to erase my handphone number, my bro's front & back IC & my back IC from her handphone. Don't ever sell our particulars for whatever purpose.

One more thing, Dola is not located in Singapore. Nowadays, there are more & more ridiculous agencies, they are all out to earn money, never spare a thought for other people.

Infact, agencies should work on Saturdays. They are sort of servicing, so they should provide good service to their customers by providing us convenience to collect the prizes on our off days.

Giving only 1 hour on 2 days to collect the prize is super unreasonable & the ill treatment from the staff is super unacceptable. 

National Environment Agency (NEA) being a Government Organization themselves, they should respect our privacy, accordingly to the Personal Data Protection Act. How can they allow Web Spiders to invade into our privacy by insisting of having a copy of the back of my bro & my IC that has our address, blood type & thumb print. 

And if NEA is so stingy with the cheapskate prizes, than don't organize giveaways, keep the lunch box & shopping bag for their own staff to use. Waste my leave, time, petrol, ERP, parking fee to collect the cheapo stuff & got to tolerate the ridiculous unprofessional service.

This lady is like the loan shark, kept pestering for my IC, so at night I emailed her the front copy. Then she demanded for the back, so I emailed her. I hope this Wed Spiders ( WS Group Pte. Ltd ) will not sell my details. How can someone be so obsessed with my IC, so desperate for the back of my IC that has my address, blood type & thumb print. This is really suspicious. 

National Environment Agency (NEA) shouldn't have use this agency, the previous agency they used  at 71 Robinson Road was 100% better. I remembered they gave us like 2 weeks to collect the prize & also they purposely work late for 2 days till 7pm to convenient our collection. They are not perfect but at least they don't behave like hooligans & barbarians.  Infact, no one should be using Web Spiders, 1 hour on 2 days to collect the prize is too short & we got to be tortured by the arrogant bad attitude staff.   I never even hear a nice word or the word Thank you from her, none at all.  Everything that came out from her mouth was negative.  Many people have attitude problem, but this one is the worst of them all.  Never in my life meet this kind of person & agency.

Collecting prizes should happy, but this is the worst ever.

I got them from Clean & Green Singapore

The person at Web Spiders from WS Group Pte. Ltd really got serious mental problem. I have collected the prize 3 months ago, but up till today they are still harassing me about my IC. 

I have already emailed my IC over to Mandy 3 months ago, but a month later, I received an email saying I didn't give them my IC, want me to email it to them. I ignored the email. On 13 Jan 2017, I received a facebook message asking me to resend my IC copy to them cos the one I emailed earlier my address is not clear. 

Thank God, its not clear. What do they expect from the small words of a small card. Even if they photocopy it, it will still be unclear.

I find them really funny, I think authority should really look into their company, I have never come across a company who is so obsess with other people IC & address. They simply has no respect, no privacy, no human rights & don’t follow our Personal Data Protection Act. 

It they continue to harass me again, I won’t hesitate to make a police report for harassment, nuisance & invading my privacy.

17 September 2016

06 September 2016


SULLY Movie Tickets

15 August 2016

Golden Village Movie Gift Voucher

Golden Village Movie Gift Voucher

I got them from Diamon' Tif

04 August 2016

Nine Lives

Nine Lives

I got them from InCinemas.sg

13 July 2016



Playbrush is an award-winning device that helps children with their daily toothbrushing by making it a fun game. With Playbrush, kids can play entertaining & instructional mobile games whilst brushing their teeth.

Before activating the toothbrush, charge it for one minute.

Playbrush – The 3-in-1 Solution

Developed with dentists and more than 300 children.

Here is why Playbrush is perfect for you


If mobile games are so fun, why can’t toothbrushing also be fun? Playbrush makes a game out of cleaning your teeth and thus creates a positive atmosphere around toothbrushing. Shoot Crobies, fly planes and save the tooth fairy – all just by brushing your teeth. No more stress, great fun.


Motion sensors in your Playbrush record how you brush your teeth (place, duration and speed) and a specific game algorithm helps children to brush for long enough and everywhere in their mouth. Real time feedback in the form of brushing statistics as well as a unique reward system is encouraging children to brush more accurately and regularly (2 Minutes twice a day).


Your humble manual toothbrush has been transformed into a game controller. Playbrush attaches to almost any manual toothbrush and with up to 6 profiles per device, one family can easily share one Playbrush. Also, you do not require internet, Bluetooth is enough to start your brushing adventure.

Install UTOOTHIA App from Play Store on your handphone

Thank you to samplestore.com for the awesome sponsor.

08 July 2016

Cathy Doll

Cathy Doll  CC Cream Speed White SPF 50+ PA+++  50g

Cathy Doll  Snail Gold  Snail Firming Cream For Wrinkle Skin  6g

We got them from Karmartsclub Singapore

This is a real disappointing win. We are purposed to win a product of our choice but none of us got what we wanted. 

The previous one, we were purposed to get the Water Splash Essence with L-Glutathione but we all got the Cathy Doll CC Cream Speed White SPF 50+ PA+++ 50g. 

For this contest, we asked for
Cathy Doll Snail Gold Snail Firming Cream For Wrinkle Skin 
Cathy Doll Ready 2 White White Boosting Cream 
but got the 
Cathy Doll CC Cream Speed White SPF 50+ PA+++ 50g.

& my cousin wanted the Cathy Doll AA Air Cushion Soft SPF45 PA+++
but got 3 sachets of 
Cathy Doll Snail Gold Snail Firming Cream For Wrinkle Skin 6g.

It states to win a product, but they sent her sachets. How can samples be even considered as a product? 

They are doing so much advertising on the products we wanted on social media & bloggers are reviewing them so how can there be no stock. It's just their excuse. This shows how insincere & dishonest they are on organizing giveaways. Just want to giveaway the cheap CC Cream & sachets cos the products we wanted are all cost more than $20. They got real attitude problem & are big liars.

Their kind of action is totally ridiculously unacceptable. 

We definitely will not support them.

28 June 2016

Cat Relaxing

Cat laying near the bus stop, probably waiting for dinner.

Very friendly and cute cat.

24 June 2016

Bifesta Konnyaku Cleansing Gel Liquid


Bifesta Konnyaku Cleansing Gel Liquid  230ml   
worth  $18.90

From Bifesta

Dumpling Pouch

Dumpling Pouch

I got it from Mini Monies

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