31 May 2013

Fruit of the Earth Block Up! Kids SPF50


My Thoughts
The thick and creamy white lotion has a kind of chemical scent, which doesn't smell nice. It comes with a high SPF 50 that will keep the skin well protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

After applying the lotion, it leaves the skin coated, sticky and oily.  It's water resistant, as after using soap and water to wash, I can still feel a sticky coating on my skin.
This is for kids, so my niece can really enjoy her swimming lessons without having to worry about the UV rays.

30 May 2013

Luxe Women ElectroThermic Mask Treatment Vouchers

 photo ModgamLuxewomenelectroThermicMaskTreatmentVoucher02.jpg

LuxeWomen ElectroThermic Mask Treatment Vouchers worth $88 each. 

 photo ModgamLuxewomenelectroThermicMaskTreatmentVoucher01.jpg

We got the Vouchers from Modgam.

We really regretted for asking for the vouchers.  Both their shops' locations are inconvenient, so we gave the vouchers away.

28 May 2013

Kneipp Hand Cream - Almond Blossom

My Thoughts
The concentrated soft white cream has a heavy perfume scent.  It's easily absorbed into the skin, leaving it coated and sticky, which after sometime, the stickiness will go away. 
On the first two applications, I'm really amazed of how it has made my severely dry hands into a soft and supple one.  But after that, it didn't work anymore.  On the continuous applications and even after finishing the entire tube, my hands are still very dry.  Although it hasn't healed my dry hands, it did relieve the dry skin and did well to prevent the flaky peeling skin from appearing.

26 May 2013

Burger King and Andersen’s of Denmark Gift Vouchers

 photo CitybankFoodVoucher01.jpg

Burger King and Andersen's of Denmark Gift Vouchers

 photo CitybankFoodVoucher04.jpg

$60 Burger King Gift Voucher

 photo CitybankFoodVoucher05.jpg

One booklet has 5 $2 vouchers

 photo CitybankFoodVoucher06.jpg

 photo CitybankFoodVoucher02.jpg

$30 Andersen’s of Denmark Gift Voucher

 photo CitybankFoodVoucher03.jpg

We got the Vouchers from Citibank Singapore.

We are really upset with the unprofessional customer service.  The bad attitude Malay lady that served us gave no greetings, no smile, rude, unfriendly and real slow.

25 May 2013

Ahava DeadSea Plants Firming Body Cream Sample

 photo AhavaFirmingBodyCream03.jpg

 photo AhavaFirmingBodyCream02.jpg

 photo AhavaFirmingBodyCream04.jpg

Ahava DeadSea Plants Firming Body Cream 7ml from Ahava Singapore.

 photo AhavaFirmingBodyCream01.jpg

Dove Hair Care Gift Pack

 photo DoveHairCareGiftPack03.jpg

Dove Intense Repair Shampoo  700ml
Dove Intense Repair Daily Treatment Conditioner  180ml
Wooden Brush
 photo DoveIntenseRepairShampoo01.jpg
 photo DoveIntenseRepairDailyTreatmentConditioner01.jpg
 photo DoveComb.jpg
We got the Dove Hair Care Gift Packs from Dove.

 photo DoveHairCareGiftPack02.jpg

 photo DoveHairCareGiftPack01.jpg

Bio-Essence Celebrity’s Choice Inchloss Body Cream Extra Strength

 photo BioEssenceCelebrityChoiceBodyCream02.jpg

Bio-Essence Celebrity’s Choice Inchloss Body Cream Extra Strength  20g

 photo BioEssenceCelebrityChoiceBodyCream01.jpg

 photo BioEssenceCelebrityChoiceBodyCream03.jpg

We got them from Bio-essence

Aglio Olio $10 Voucher

 photo AglioOlio10Voucher02.png

Aglio Olio $10 Voucher from Aglio Olio Singapore.

 photo AglioOlio10Voucher01.jpg

Muthu's Curry $20 Gift Vouchers

  photo MuthusCurry20Voucher02.jpg

 photo MuthusCurry20Voucher01.jpg
We got the Muthu's Curry $20 Gift Vouchers from Muthu's Curry.
  photo MuthusCurry20Voucher03.jpg

Watsons $5 Gift Voucher

 photo VeetWatsons5Voucher02.jpg

Watsons $5 Gift Voucher

 photo VeetWatsons5Voucher01.jpg

 photo VeetWatsons5Voucher03.jpg

We got them from Veet Singapore

24 May 2013

Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant

 photo MajesticBayKopiCrab04.jpg
Bay’s signature Kopi Crab
 photo MajesticBayKopiCrab05.jpg
 photo MajesticBayKopiCrab02.jpg

Stewed, prawn, tofu, sambal chilli, clay pot style   $22

 photo MajesticBayKopiCrab03.jpg

Sautéed, bamboo clams, water spinach, sambal chilli  $18

Peanuts  $2.70
White Rice  $2.40

 photo MajesticBayKopiCrab01.jpg
I got the free Kopi Crab from Majestic Bay Seafood Restaurant.

After deducting a Citibank Visa 15% discount, we paid $45.10.

I love their delicious food and friendly service, but not the pricing.  The food can be quite expensive. 

  photo MajesticBayKopiCrab07.jpg

22 May 2013

Hada Labo Products

 photo HadaLaboMidnightMania01.jpg

 photo HadaLaboMidnightMania02.jpg

Hada Labo AHA/BHA Exfoliating Face Wash  130g
Hada Labo Super Hylauronic Acid Hydrating Milk  140ml
Hada Labo Super Hylauronic Acid Hydrating Lotion  170ml
Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Mask  20ml x 4 sheets

 photo HadaLaboMidnightMania03.jpg

$50 Capita Voucher

  photo ContoursExpressCapitaVoucher03.jpg

$50 Capita Voucher

 photo ContoursExpressCapitaVoucher02.jpg
  photo ContoursExpressCapitaVoucher01.jpg
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