30 July 2013

Tabby Cat

 photo JRT300701.jpg
I love this cat for being super friendly.  I saw it sitting at the entrance of a drain and when I called it, I thought it will go to hide inside the drain hole, but it came to me leaning and rolling all over my legs.  Wow, what a good natured cat.
 photo JRT300702.jpg

29 July 2013

Stovetop Heart Shape Waffle Pan Mold Iron

 photo MunchMinistryHeartShapedWafflePan02.jpg

 photo MunchMinistryHeartShapedWafflePan03.jpg

 photo MunchMinistryHeartShapedWafflePan04.jpg

 photo MunchMinistryHeartShapedWafflePan05.jpg

 photo MunchMinistryHeartShapedWafflePan06.jpg

Heart Shaped Waffle Pan from Munch Ministry - HappyCall Chefs.

 photo MunchMinistryHeartShapedWafflePan01.jpg

Shihlin $30 Voucher

  photo ShihlinVoucher03.jpg

Shihlin $5 Voucher  x 6

 photo ShihlinVoucher02.jpg

 photo ShihlinVoucher04.png

 photo ShihlinVoucher01.jpg
I got them from Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks.

Black Box July

 photo BlackBox13July07.jpg

 photo BlackBox13July06.jpg

 photo BlackBox13July05.jpg

 photo BlackBox13July04.jpg

Take 5ive Energy  Brain Power  60ml
Take 5ive Energy Immunity  60ml

 photo BlackBox13July13.jpg

L'Oreal Elseve Extraordinary Oil  Miracle Hair Oil Treatment  3.5ml

 photo BlackBox13July10.jpg

Colgate Plax Fruity Fresh  20ml

 photo BlackBox13July11.jpg

 photo BlackBox13July12.jpg

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser  29ml

 photo BlackBox13July09.jpg

Purer Skin Miracle Serum

 photo BlackBox13July08.jpg

Super Charcoal Roasted White Coffee  Brown Sugar 3In1  36g
Super Charcoal Roasted White Coffee  Classic 3In1  40g
Super Charcoal Roasted White Coffee  Roasted Hazelnut 3In1  36g

 photo BlackBox13July14.jpg

 photo BlackBox13July15.jpg

 photo BlackBox13July01.jpg

 photo BlackBox13July02.jpg

 photo BlackBox13July03.jpg

We got them from Black Box Singapore

28 July 2013

PorterHouse Restaurant & Bar

 photo HopsBeveragesSteakBeer01.jpg

 photo HopsBeveragesSteakBeer02.jpg

 photo HopsBeveragesSteakBeer03.jpg

Wolters Pilsener  330ml
It tastes like Tiger beer.

 photo HopsBeveragesSteakBeer04.jpg

Australian Rib Eye Steak topped with black pepper, and comes with French Fries, Salad and Sauce.
We wanted a well done steak, but it's over well done that it's dry and tough.

Purple Croquettes Baked Beetroot BBQ Lamb and Mint Mayonnaise  $12.
The round balls tastes very good with the crispy skins and soft fillings.

 photo HopsBeveragesSteakBeer05.jpg

 photo HopsBeveragesSteakBeer06.jpg

We paid $13.20 for the total bill.

Free Steak and Beer from HopsBeverages.

26 July 2013

Bright House $50 Baby Fan Voucher

 photo BrightHouseBabyFanVoucher03.jpg

Bright House $50 Baby Fan Voucher

 photo BrightHouseBabyFanVoucher01.jpg

 photo BrightHouseBabyFanVoucher02.jpg

We got them from Bright House.

CorNichE Roasted Peanuts - Wasabi

 photo LionCityCornicheRoastedPeanutsWasabi02.jpg
CorNichE Roasted Peanuts - Wasabi  200g
 photo LionCityCornicheRoastedPeanutsWasabi03.jpg
 photo LionCityCornicheRoastedPeanutsWasabi04.jpg
The wasabi coated peanuts taste good but the wasabi can be really hot for some of them.  I love and enjoy eating the crunchy peanuts ... yummy.
 photo LionCityCornicheRoastedPeanutsWasabi01.jpg

Gatsby Hamper

 photo GatsbyHamper06.jpg

Gatsby Hamper  $50

Gatsby Super Hard Set & Keep Spray  180g
Gatsby Cool Shock Deodorant Perfume Spray  Clear Ocean  175ml
Gatsby Bubble Type Bleach & Color Caramel Rose
Color Solution 1  35ml
Color Solution 2  70ml
Gatsby Facial Wash White Clear Foam  130g

Gatsby Moving Rubber Power Spikes  15g
Gatsby Moving Rubber Casual Mat  15g

 photo GatsbyHamper05.jpg

Gatsby Facial Paper  15 sheets
Gatsby Powdered Oil Clear Paper  70 sheets
Gatsby Ice-Type Deodorant Body Paper  Ice Fruity Deodorant Body Paper  10 sheets

 photo GatsbyHamper07.jpg

Texas Chicken Gift Voucher  $50

 photo GatsbyHamper03.jpg

 photo GatsbyHamper02.jpg

Lowrys Farm $50 Voucher

 photo GatsbyHamper04.png

 photo GatsbyHamper01.jpg

From Gatsby Singapore

22 July 2013

Yoei Yogurt Maker

Yoei Yogurt Maker    Model : YGM-611


I got it from HungryGoWhere.com 

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