30 April 2014

Pezzo Free Pan Pizza Voucher

 photo PezzoFreePan02.jpg
Pezzo Free Pan Pizza Voucher
 photo PezzoFreePan01.jpg

I got it from Pezzo Pizza SG

28 April 2014

Amore Natural Soy Candle & Skin Moisturizer

 photo FoxySalesAmoreCandle05.jpg

Amore Natural Soy Candle & Skin Moisturizer  -  Lavender Garden
Amore Natural Soy Candle & Skin Moisturizer  -  Soapy Clean

 photo FoxySalesAmoreCandle07.jpg

Amore Natural Soy Candle & Skin Moisturizer  -  Lavender Garden

 photo FoxySalesAmoreCandle08.jpg

 photo FoxySalesAmoreCandle09.jpg

Amore Natural Soy Candle & Skin Moisturizer  -  Soapy Clean

 photo FoxySalesAmoreCandle06.jpg

 photo FoxySalesAmoreCandle03.jpg

Foxy Sales $5 Off Voucher

Recycle Bag

 photo FoxySalesAmoreCandle02.jpg

 photo FoxySalesAmoreCandle04.jpg

 photo FoxySalesAmoreCandle01.jpg

I got them from Foxysales

$50 CapitaVoucher

 photo POCCCapitalVoucher02.jpg
$50 CapitaVoucher
 photo POCCCapitalVoucher01.jpg

27 April 2014


  photo WestgateTexasChicken01.jpg

Texas Chicken

2 pc Chicken
Mashed Potatoes
Iced Peach Tea
We ordered the original but were given the spicy chicken.  We gotta change them as spicy doesn't taste good at all.
The chicken is really disappointing.  I dislike it as it's too oily that the skin is so soggy. 

 photo WestgateTexasChicken02.jpg
Every time I patronize Texas Chicken, my blood boils cos of their super lousy service, especially with their foreign P crews that are unfriendly, rude and ignorant, especially the ones at Tampines and Vivo City that never fail to make me angry.
Texas Chicken is not cheap so I will eat them only when there's a promotion or with the free meal voucher.
 photo WestgateGourmetParadiseVoucher01.png
 photo WestgateGourmetParadise27Apr01.jpg

Yami Yogurt Large Cup - Raspberry  $5.90
With the $5 Voucher, we paid 90 cents

 photo WestgateGourmetParadise27Apr02.jpg

 photo WestgateGourmetParadise27Apr03.jpg

Dora Keiki
Chocolate  Cheese  $1.50  x 2
Blueberry  $1.50
Custard  $1.50
With the $5 Voucher, we paid $1

 photo WestgateGourmetParadise27Apr04.jpg

Oriental Herbal Tea
Chrysanthemum Tea  500ml  $1.20
Winter Melon Tea with Honey  500ml  $1.20
Water Crestnut Drink 500ml  $1.50  x 2
With the $5 Voucher, we paid 40 cents
The cashier auntie became super unfriendly when I told her I wanted to use the voucher.  She showed us a super black face.   Guess it's probably their business is bad and she earns nothing when we used the voucher to purchase the drinks for free.
 photo WestgateGourmetParadise27Apr05.jpg 

We got the $5 Vouchers for Westgate Gourmet Paradise at Basement 2 from Westgate.

26 April 2014

Friso Gold 2

 photo RiseShineFrisoStage205.jpg

FairPrice Spend and Earn Milk Rewards $5 Voucher
Friso Gold 2   400g

 photo RiseShineFrisoStage204.jpg

 photo RiseShineFrisoStage201.jpg

 photo RiseShineFrisoStage202.jpg

 photo RiseShineFrisoStage203.jpg

Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert

 photo HongKongShengKeeDessertCityHall01.jpg
Mango Pudding  $4.30
Sheng Kee Mango Hor Fun  $5.90

 photo HongKongShengKeeDessertCityHall02.jpg

 photo HongKongShengKeeDessertCityHall03.jpg

25 April 2014

Primal Freeze-Dried Formula For Cats

 photo B2KPrimaFreezeDriedFormula02.jpg

Primal Freeze-Dried Formula Turkey
Primal Freeze-Dried Formula Chicken & Salmon

 photo B2KPrimaFreezeDriedFormula01.jpg

 photo B2KPrimaFreezeDriedFormula03.jpg

We got them from B2K Pet Products Singapore

Aloha Rilakkuma

 photo RilakkumaAloha03.jpg

Aloha Rilakkuma

 photo RilakkumaAloha04.jpg

 photo RilakkumaAloha02.jpg

 photo RilakkumaAloha01.jpg

Megaman Gift Voucher

 photo MegamanVoucher02.jpg 

Megaman $20 Gift Voucher
 photo MegamanVoucher01.jpg

 photo MegamanVoucher03.jpg

 We got them from
Megaman SG

SILKYGIRL Roll-On Perfume Cencentrate

  photo SilkygirlRollOnPerfume03.jpg

Silkygirl French Sunflower Roll-On Perfume Concentrate  9ml
Silkygirl Egyptian Lily Roll-On Perfume Concentrate  9ml

 photo SilkygirlRollOnPerfume04.jpg

 photo SilkygirlRollOnPerfume05.jpg

 photo SilkygirlRollOnPerfume06.jpg

 photo SilkygirlRollOnPerfume01.jpg

 photo SilkygirlRollOnPerfume02.jpg

We got them from SILKYGIRL Singapore

Primal Freeze Dried Formula For Cats

 photo B2KPrimalFormulaTurkey02.jpg

Primal Freeze Dried Formula For Cats - Turkey Formula

 photo B2KPrimalFormulaTurkey03.jpg

 photo B2KPrimalFormulaTurkey04.jpg

 photo B2KPrimalFormulaTurkey01.jpg

 photo B2KPrimalFormulaTurkey05.jpg

 photo B2KPrimalFormulaTurkey06.jpg

We got them from B2K Pet Products Singapore

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