31 December 2013

Happy New Year

Siloso Beach Party 2013
Asia's Largest Beach Countdown Party
  photo SentosaSilosoBeachParty03.jpg
 photo SentosaSilosoBeachParty05.jpg
 photo SentosaSilosoBeachParty04.jpg
Wave House
Foam Pool
Guess too many people were dancing on the stage till it couldn't support the weight and it collapsed.
Main Arena
 photo SentosaSilosoBeachParty01.jpg
It's $1 per entry per person to Sentosa
 photo SentosaSilosoBeachParty02.jpg

30 December 2013

Benefit Groovy Kind-A Love! Beauty Love-In Makeup Kit

 photo BenefitGroovyKindALoveMakeupKit01.jpg

  photo BenefitGroovyKindALoveMakeupKit02.jpg
 photo BenefitGroovyKindALoveMakeupKit03.jpg
 photo BenefitGroovyKindALoveMakeupKit04.jpg

 photo BenefitGroovyKindALoveMakeupKit05.jpg

Benefit Groovy Kind-A Love! Makeup Kit  $63
The POREfessional  7.5ml
Benetint Rose-Tinted Lip & Cheek Stain  4ml
They're Real Beyond Mascara  4g
Dandelion & Gimme Fever  3g - Cheek Powder Duo with Brush 
Eyeshadow Palette - Tickle My Ivory . Gilt-y Pleasure . Shimmer Down . Kiss Me, I'm Tipsy  4 x 1.2g 
Double-Ended Sponge Applicator 
 photo BenefitGroovyKindALoveMakeupKit06.jpg
 photo BenefitGroovyKindALoveMakeupKit08.jpg
 photo BenefitGroovyKindALoveMakeupKit09.jpg
 photo BenefitGroovyKindALoveMakeupKit07.jpg
  photo BenefitGroovyKindALoveMakeupKit00.png

Bubba & Mama.

29 December 2013

Emergency Charger

  photo IntdexEmergencyCharger03.jpg

Emergency Charger

 photo IntdexEmergencyCharger04.jpg

 photo IntdexEmergencyCharger01.jpg
 photo IntdexEmergencyCharger02.jpg
We got them from Intdex SG.

ColorWash Holiday Gift Set

  photo ColorWashGiftSet07.jpg
 photo ColorWashGiftSet06.jpg

 photo ColorWashGiftSet05.jpg

 photo ColorWashGiftSet01.jpg
 photo ColorWashGiftSet02.jpg
 photo ColorWashGiftSet03.jpg
 photo ColorWashGiftSet04.jpg
 photo ColorWashGiftSet08.jpg

For Beloved One Delight Fresh Oil Balance Cleansing Gel

 photo ForBelovedOneDelightFreshOilBalanceCleansingGel01.jpg

For Beloved One Delight Fresh Oil Balance Cleansing Gel  120ml

 photo ForBelovedOneDelightFreshOilBalanceCleansingGel02.jpg
 photo ForBelovedOne01.jpg
We got them from For Beloved One Singapore.

27 December 2013

Singapore Botanic Gardens

I haven't been to the Singapore Botanic Gardens for many many years and it has changed quite a bit.  We came last week and it was raining heavily so we went home.  Today we come again and it's drizzling.
 photo NParkRisis04.jpg
Free tickets to the National Orchid Garden
There's nothing much to see in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, except for the National Orchid Garden. 
At the end of the day, I got countless super itchy huge swelling mosquitoes bites all over my legs.

Argasol Set

 photo GraceTanArgasolSilver01.jpg

Argasol Set worth $57

Argasol 24ppm Silver Gel Skin & Body Care  44ml
Argasol 10ppm Silver Supplement  250ml
 photo GraceTanArgasolSilver03.jpg
 photo GraceTanArgasolSilver02.jpg
 photo GraceTanArgasolSilver04.jpg
 photo GraceTanArgasolSilver05.jpg

We got them from Grace Tan.

26 December 2013

Chan Brothers Goodie Bag

 photo ChanBrotherGoodieBag02.jpg
The Goodie Bag contains
 photo ChanBrotherGoodieBag03.png
Key Ring
 photo ChanBrotherGoodieBag04.jpg
 photo ChanBrotherGoodieBag05.jpg
 photo ChanBrotherGoodieBag06.jpg
Luggage Strap
 photo ChanBrotherGoodieBag07.jpg
2014 Calendar
 photo ChanBrotherGoodieBag08.jpg
 photo ChanBrotherGoodieBag09.jpg
Snake Lantern - 淘气
  photo ChanBrotherGoodieBag10.jpg

  photo ChanBrotherGoodieBag11.jpg

  photo ChanBrotherGoodieBag12.jpg
 photo ChanBrotherGoodieBag13.jpg

 photo ChanBrotherGoodieBag01.jpg

25 December 2013

Sony Handycam HDR-PJ380

 photo GardensByTheBaySonyHandycam08.jpg
 photo GardensByTheBaySonyHandycam09.jpg
 photo GardensByTheBaySonyHandycam10.jpg
 photo GardensByTheBaySonyHandycam06.jpg
 photo GardensByTheBaySonyHandycam07.jpg
 photo GardensByTheBaySonyHandycam11.jpg
 photo GardensByTheBaySonyHandycam12.jpg

Sony Handycam HDR-PJ380 worth $1,099

 photo GardensByTheBaySonyHandycam05.jpg

 photo GardensByTheBaySonyHandycam03.jpg

 photo GardensByTheBaySonyHandycam02.jpg

 photo GardensByTheBaySonyHandycam04.jpg
 photo GardensByTheBaySonyHandycam01.jpg

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