29 May 2014

LG Gifts

   photo LGTV03.jpg
 photo LGTV04.jpg

EZ-Link Card  $10  x 2
Cathay Complimentary Pass  x 2
 photo LGTV05.jpg
 photo LGTV06.jpg
 photo LGTV01.jpg
LG Ultra HDTV 55LA9650
Pantos LCD / LED Mount

 photo LGTV02.jpg
We got them from LG Singapore
The delivery man was supposed to come yesterday between 2 to 6pm, but we waited until 7 plus pm and got a call saying that their vehicle broke down, but I think it's fake cos he asked if the TV has arrived and when I said no then he said the vehicle broke down and asked if they can come later in the night.  How can both the different delivery vehicles broke down at the same time.  It's just that they can't make it on time so they created a lie.  He said they will come today between 11am to 3pm.  We've wasted our time and waited long enough yesterday so we requested that they come before noon.  Luckily they kept their promise.  Both the delivery men for the two TV items came before 12pm.


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