31 October 2013

Head & Shoulders Silky Soft Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

 photo HeadShoulderSilkSoftShampoo01.jpg
 photo HeadShoulderSilkSoftShampoo03.jpg
 photo HeadShoulderSilkSoftShampoo02.jpg
My Thoughts
I've been using Head & Shoulders shampoo for many years.  It's really effective in preventing dandruff and itchy scalp.  Years back, I used to have dandruff that dropped all over the shoulder part of my clothes and my scalp is so super itchy that I kept scratching it continuously for the entire day.   The itchiness has gotten so bad that I bought a bottle of Head & Shoulders Shampoo.  After washing my hair daily with it for about a week, the flaky and itchy scalp totally disappeared.
I'm loving the thick and creamy white texture of the shampoo, with a unique mild scent.  I think it smells like some kind of fruit.  Add water to two pumps of shampoo and it will lather up to rich bubbles.  Wash, massage scalp and hair for a while, and rinse off thoroughly with water.  Although it leaves my hair feeling smooth, a conditioner is still needed for the halfway down tangled part.  After drying, my frizzy and hard hair feels soft and smooth.
In order to keep the dandruff under control, I got to use it regularly cos previously when I stopped using it for about two weeks, the dandruff and itchy scalp came back.  Now I use it on alternate days.  It's really a good and effective shampoo.  I love it.

26 October 2013

Halloween at Clarke Quay

  photo ClarkeQuayHalloween01.jpg
  photo ClarkeQuayHalloween02.jpg

 photo ClarkeQuayHalloween03.jpg
 photo ClarkeQuayHalloween04.jpg

 photo ClarkeQuayHalloween05.jpg

 photo ClarkeQuayHalloween06.jpg

Thanks so much for the pictures.

I could have taken more photos but then my handphone's camera doesn't work well in low lightings so I only took a few.

Sleepy Calico Cat

 photo EP261001.jpg
I noticed this cat is always lying on the same spot and today I decided to take some pictures of it.  It's so sleepy that it couldn't open its eyes.
 photo EP261002.jpg
 photo EP261003.jpg
 photo EP261004.jpg

24 October 2013

Shu Uemura Anti/Oxi Skin Refining Anti-Dullness Cleansing Oil

 photo ShuUemuraAntiOxiCleansingOil01.jpg
 photo ShuUemuraAntiOxiCleansingOil02.jpg
 photo ShuUemuraAntiOxiCleansingOil03.jpg
 photo ShuUemuraAntiOxiCleansingOil04.jpg

My Thoughts

To me, all Shu Uemura Cleansing Oils are good cos of their amazing cleansing power as they cleanse really well, leaving behind no trace of makeup.  But then they can be quite costly.   

I'm totally in love with the mild aromatic scent transparent liquid oil.  The oily oil not only will thoroughly remove the thick and waterproof makeup, it will also cleanse away the harmful pollutants that can accelerate aging stress leading to dull lacklustre skin.  After every use, it leaves my skin feeling fresh, smooth, bright, hydrated and super clean.

When I put on makeup, I will pump one to two full pumps and spread it on my entire face, eyes and neck, rub in circular motion for a while till I feel that my makeup is thoroughly removed.  Even without makeup, I will use it to ensure my face is well cleansed as I want to remove the dirt and dust from my skin.  After rinsing off the cleansing oil from my face with tap water, I will wash it again with a facial foam.  

According to the promoter, in order to have a really cleansed skin, I should spread and leave the oil on my face for a few seconds, wet my hands and rub my face in circular motion, then rinse off with water.  Repeat it for a super clean skin.  But I think one cleanse is already very clean, don't have to double do it.  

 photo ShuUemuraAntiOxiCleansingOilSample05.jpg

23 October 2013

Vitakraft Cat-Stick Mini - Salmon & Trout

 photo WhatsInTheBagVitaKraftCatStickMini02.jpg
 photo WhatsInTheBagVitaKraftCatStickMini03.jpg
 photo WhatsInTheBagVitaKraftCatStickMini04.jpg
 photo WhatsInTheBagVitaKraftCatStickMini05.jpg
The cat treat has a nice smell maybe like cuttlefish.  One packet contains one stick that can be quite dry and hard on the outside but soft inside.  My cat doesn't really like it so I gave them to the street cats and they love it.
 photo WhatsInTheBagVitaKraftCatStickMini01.jpg

22 October 2013

Wellness Cat Food Samples

 photo WhatsInTheBagWellnessIndoorHealthAdultCat02.jpg
 photo WhatsInTheBagWellnessIndoorHealthAdultCat03.jpg
 photo WhatsInTheBagWellnessIndoorHealthAdultCat04.jpg
I find that the Wellness Indoor Health has a really weird scent like ginger.  My cats didn't like it.
Wellness Complete Health has a nice cuttlefish scent and my cats love it.

Both are small biscuits and they didn't cause any indigestion or vomiting of my 2 cats with digestive problems. 
 photo WellnessCompleteHealthCatFoodSamples03.jpg
 photo WellnessCompleteHealthCatFoodSamples04.jpg
 photo WellnessCompleteHealthCatFoodSamples05.jpg

20 October 2013

Jelly Pouch

 photo BeautyInTheEyesJellyPouch02.jpg

Jelly Pouch

 photo BeautyInTheEyesJellyPouch03.jpg

 photo BeautyInTheEyesJellyPouch04.jpg
We got them from Beauty in the Eyes.

 photo BeautyInTheEyesJellyPouch01.jpg

Miniature Perfume

 photo GlamorceesaryPerfume02.jpg

 photo GlamorceesaryPerfume03.jpg
Bvlgari Pour Homme Eau De Toilette  4ml
Giorgio Beverly Hills Eau De Parfum  5ml

  photo GlamorceesaryPerfume04.jpg

 photo GlamorceesaryPerfume05.jpg
We got them from GLAMORCESSARY.
  photo GlamorceesaryPerfume01.jpg

18 October 2013

Cute Orange Cat

 photo RH181001.jpg
Today is the third time I see this super cute orange cat.  I was sitting on the chair waiting for the rain to stop and I saw it.  When I said come, it came to me and when I pointed to the chair next to mine and said here, it jumped up laying there.  I got a feeling that it used to be someone's pet and got abandoned cos it's so human friendly and it still got a collar mark on its neck.  I'm totally in love with the good nature and friendly cat.  I will definitely visit it again.
 photo RH181002.jpg
 photo RH181003.jpg

16 October 2013

Swensen's Voucher

  photo WhatToEatSwensonsVoucher02.jpg

Swensen's Voucher

 photo WhatToEatSwensonsVoucher01.jpg
I got it from What To Eat Delivery.

Humming Flowers & Gifts Gift Sets

 photo HummingFlowersGiftsGiftSet02.jpg

LBA109 Sweet Roses worth $90 ( $96.30 with GST + Free Delivery )

 photo HummingFlowersGiftsGiftSet03.jpg
 photo HummingFlowersGiftsGiftSet07.jpg

 photo HummingFlowersGiftsGiftSet13.jpg

 Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater Eau De Toilette  30ml
Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater Bath & Shower Gel  50ml
Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater Hand Therapy  50g

 photo HummingFlowersGiftsGiftSet14.jpg
 photo HummingFlowersGiftsGiftSet15.jpg

 photo HummingFlowersGiftsGiftSet16.jpg

 photo HummingFlowersGiftsGiftSet04.jpg
LBA107 A Lil Gift Set worth $50 ( $53.50 with GST + Free Delivery )  x 2

 photo HummingFlowersGiftsGiftSet05.jpg

 photo HummingFlowersGiftsGiftSet09.jpg

 photo HummingFlowersGiftsGiftSet08.jpg

Anatomicals Cypress And Thyme Body Cleanser  300ml

Anatomicals Mango And Papaya Body Cleanser  300ml
Anatomicals Body Scrub  200ml

Anatomicals Snog Me Senseless Minty Tingling Lip Balm  15ml
 photo HummingFlowersGiftsGiftSet12.jpg

 photo HummingFlowersGiftsGiftSet01.jpg

 photo HummingFlowersGiftsGiftSet06.jpg

 photo HummingFlowersGiftsGiftSet10.jpg

 photo HummingFlowersGiftsGiftSet11.jpg

We got them from
Humming Flowers & Gifts.
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