30 November 2013

PeraMakan Kaya Bottle

PeraMakan Kaya Bottle

One voucher can exchange for one bottle


We got them from TANGS.

Na Na Curry

 photo BMVNaNaCurry01.jpg
Curry Chicken  $3.50
Rice  50 cents
Bread  $1
 photo BMVNaNaCurry02.jpg
My lunch at Bukit Merah View Hawker Centre is kinda disappointing.  The curry is watery and really hot, and $3.50 for that few small pieces of chicken meat is very expensive ( the chicken has more bones than meat ).  I don't really like it cos it's not yummy at all.

27 November 2013

Black Box November

  photo BlackBoxNov02.jpg

 photo BlackBoxNov05.jpg

Darlie All Shiny Enamel Care White Fluoride Toothpaste  40g

 photo BlackBoxNov06.jpg

But, Becky Feast Age-Lock & Moisturizing Wild Yam Mask  28ml
VDL Lumilayer Primer
VDL Perfecting Last Foundation SPF25 PA++
Nuxe Reve de Miel Hand and Nail Cream  15ml

 photo BlackBoxNov04.jpg

Gatsby Ice-Type Deodorant Body Paper - Cool Citrus  3's

 photo BlackBoxNov03.jpg

Zappy After Sports Wipes
Zappy Ultimate Antiseptic & Antibacterial Wipes
Zappy Insect Repellent Wipes  6g
Zappy Boy Alcohol Wipe

 photo BlackBoxNov07.jpg

Bio-Home Kitchen Cleaner  40ml

 photo BlackBoxNov08.png
  photo BlackBoxNov01.jpg
 photo BlackBox01.jpg

 I got it from Black Box Singapore.

24 November 2013


Today I have a really fun day at Sentosa.  Although it rained a little, I'm still feeling happy.
It's $1 per person for the entry fee to Sentosa.

 photo Sentosa01.png

Got a free pair of Flavours of Singapore Pass from Sentosa (Official).

 photo Sentosa02.jpg

 photo Sentosa03.jpg

 Fort Siloso
 photo Sentosa04.jpg

A black cat with a broken tail.

 photo Sentosa05.jpg

Images of Singapore 

 photo Sentosa06.jpg
The Merlion
 photo Sentosa07.jpg
Starbucks Coffee

Mocha Frappuccino Blended Coffee  $7.20
 Hazelnut Chocolate Muffin  $3.90
 photo Sentosa10.jpg
 photo Sentosa11.jpg
There are some birds and squirrels, but these two are the friendly ones.  They aren't scared of humans, coming close to us to pick up the food from the floor. 
I kinda pity this bird for not having feet on its right leg.  It walks weirdly and can't fly high.  The other birds are big and in pairs, but this one is small and alone.  It stays on the tree above Starbucks.  I hope everyone can give some food to it.

  photo Sentosa08.jpg
  photo Sentosa09.jpg
Songs of the Sea
Full Version 
Crane Dance

Full Version

21 November 2013

Overhead Bridge Cat

 photo RH211101.jpg
I saw this friendly kitten on the stairway of an overhead bridge.  When I called it, it came to me and kept rubbing itself on my legs.  While taking photos of it, a lady walked passed staring at me giving me a real dirty look, which made me very unhappy.  I think this auntie is really rude, if she doesn't like cats, just walk off, don't keep staring and tuning back to look. 
 photo RH211102.jpg
 photo RH211103.jpg
 photo RH211104.jpg

17 November 2013

Starbucks Gift Card

  photo DurianaStarhucksGiftCard02.jpg
 $10 Starbucks Gift Card

 photo DurianaStarhucksGiftCard01.jpg
I got it from Duriana.

Grouper Fishes

 photo GrouperKingSeafoodRestaurant01.jpg
 photo GrouperKingSeafoodRestaurant02.jpg
 photo GrouperKingSeafoodRestaurant03.jpg
 photo GrouperKingSeafoodRestaurant04.jpg
 photo GrouperKingSeafoodRestaurant05.jpg
There's a super big fish tank at the back of Grouper King Seafood Restaurant in Shaw Tower.
Today is the second time that I'm seeing the dirty huge green water tank that contains 4 super big grouper fishes and many smaller fishes.  The groupers are laying at the bottom of the tank and the smaller fishes are above them.   
I guess the grouper fishes are for display only.  I would say this restaurant is really evil for making the innocent fishes suffer like that.  Fishes are purposed to be swimming and not laying at the bottom of an empty tank.  They probably will die slowly one by one, which infact one is already lying sideway showing sign of death.  I strongly feel that they should be released back into the sea or something.
This is definitely inhumane.

Pet Lovers Centre Gift Vouchers

 photo PetLoversCentreVoucher02.jpg
$100 Pet Lovers Centre Gift Voucher

 photo PetLoversCentreVoucher03.jpg

 photo PetLoversCentreVoucher01.jpg

b.liv Samples

  photo SasaBliveSample03.jpg

b.liv Blackheads Sebum Gel  3ml
b.liv Repair & Rescue Sensitive Salvation Original Japan Silk Mask  28ml

 photo SasaBliveSample04.jpg

 photo SasaBliveSample06.jpg

b.liv Blemish Cleansing Gel  5ml

 photo SasaBliveSample07.jpg

We got them from SaSa SG.

 photo SasaBliveSample01.jpg

 photo SasaBliveSample02.jpg
 photo SasaBliveSample05.jpg
 photo SasaBliveSample09.jpg

Starbucks Coffee

 photo StarbucksMarina01.jpg

 photo StarbucksMarina02.jpg

Chocolate Peanut Butter Stack  $6.50
Mocha Frappuccino Blended Coffee  $6.80

 photo StarbucksMarina03.jpg
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