21 November 2010

An Orphan Kitten

 photo VC211101.jpg
 photo VC211102.jpg
I saw a very skinny and hungry kitten desperately looking for food.  How can there be food when there is not a single soul there.  So I brought it away and gave it to a cat feeder to put up for adoption.
It was scared when I called it.  I gave it some cat biscuits and left.  A few hours later, I came back looking for it.  My hubby and I searched everywhere and called but of no response.  Then I heard a very soft meowing coming from underneath my hubby’s car.  After a few of my and its meowing conversation, it finally came out and I quickly grabbed it.  It seemed not scared of me anymore, probably because of the food I gave it earlier on. 
It's not afraid of sitting inside the car and even looked out the window, and wanted to go over to my hubby’s side.  Surprisingly, it's not scared of letting a stranger carrying it in my arms and sitting on my lap.  I really admire its bravery.  It could be an abandon kitten who's used to human touch.  
I have encountered many street kittens and cats that are really afraid of being inside the car, that they meow non-stop or peed.  I remembered a kitten pooped on my lap when I shut the car’s door as the bang sound has scared it.
Even my own cats hate being inside the car, Bunny meows loudly non-stop. Baby will pee and Mimi becomes a statue.  Bebe is the only one that enjoys the outside scenery, but the sounds of the passing vehicles scare her. 
Hopefully this cute orphan kitten will be adopted by a loving family, with lots of food and sleeping on a warm bed. 

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