30 April 2015

H&M Orange Oil & Vitamin C Peel Off Mask

My Thoughts

I'm no fan of peel off mask.  The 2 pieces of mask are given to me by my sister.

The mask has a super nice orange scent.  It's a combination of liquid and tough jelly mask, and it's difficult to spread evenly on the face.  A packet is a little too much for the whole face.  After applying a thick layer on my face, l will leave it on till it dries up.  It dries up quite fast, leaving only a very thin layer on the skin, and this thin layer is very difficult to peel off.  No matter how hard I try to peel it off, it only comes out in tiny bits, so the best way is to wet my face and rub in circulation motion to soften the mask and then wash it off with water.

I find that It's quite effective for a clearer and brighter skin.  But it's not nice and too bothersome to use so I don't like it.


27 April 2015

Brand's Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar

 photo BrandsBirdNestRockSugar07.jpg

Brand's Bird's Nest with Rock Sugar  42ml

 photo BrandsBirdNestRockSugar08.jpg

 photo BrandsBirdNestRockSugar09.jpg

One pack contains 8 bottles

 photo BrandsBirdNestRockSugar06.jpg

 photo BrandsBirdNestRockSugar05.jpg

 photo BrandsBirdNestRockSugar02.jpg

 photo BrandsBirdNestRockSugar03.jpg

 photo BrandsBirdNestRockSugar04.jpg

 photo BrandsBirdNestRockSugar01.jpg

25 April 2015

Subway $10 Voucher

 photo MilleniaWalkSubwayVoucher01.jpg

Subway $10 Voucher

 photo MilleniaWalkSubwayVoucher02.jpg

We got them from Millenia Walk

Yves Rocher Radiance Rinsing Vinegar

 photo YvesRocherRinsingVinegar06.jpg

Yves Rocher Radiance Rinsing Vinegar  150ml  worth $18

 photo YvesRocherRinisingVinegar11.jpg

I got it from Yves Rocher Singapore

20 April 2015

L'Oreal White Perfect Fairness Revealng Moisturizing Watery Cream Day


My Thoughts

It comes in a very thick and heavy tub.  The lovely pink color cream has a very nice perfume scent.  Its very soft and smooth texture reminds me of soft jelly.  With a texture like this, it's very difficult to dig the cream out from the tub with my fingers.  

I apply it every night on my clean face and it makes my skin feels nice when I'm doing the rubbing and massaging, but then it's not easily absorbed into the skin.  It leaves the well moisturized and coated.  With daily usage, it didn't whiten the skin, but it does make it slightly brighter and radiant looking.

I brought it to my Korea holiday trip and applied a thick layer on my face every morning before I went out walking in the cold Autumn weather.  It did a very good job to keep my face well hydrated.

19 April 2015

Bag Hanger

 photo TOVBagHanger04.jpg

Bag Hanger

 photo TOVBagHanger05.jpg

 photo TOVBagHanger06.jpg

 photo TOVBagHanger01.jpg

 photo TOVBagHanger03.jpg

We got them from TOV

Yami Yogurt Voucher

 photo YamiYogurtVoucher02.jpg

Yami Yogurt $3 Voucher

 photo YamiYogurtVoucher01.jpg

18 April 2015

15 April 2015

Seoul Garden HotPot – HabourFront Centre

 photo SeoulGardenHotPot15Apr01.jpg

Chicken Bulggogi Bap  $12.90

 photo SeoulGardenHotPot15Apr02.jpg

 photo SeoulGardenHotPot15Apr03.jpg

 photo SeoulGardenHotPot15Apr04.jpg

Kimchi Marinated Beef HotPot  $12.90

 photo SeoulGardenHotPot15Apr05.jpg

The white rice is super dry and hard which I would prefer to eat soft rice. 
The HotPot has too few pieces of meat, I hope they can put in more meat and veggies.

 photo SeoulGardenHotPot15Apr06.jpg

 photo SeoulGardenHotPot15Apr07.jpg

We paid $30.35 for the total bill

This is the very first time that I'm eating them.  
They don't taste fantastic but somehow I really enjoy eating them.

Hotel Clover Voucher

 photo HerWorldHotelClover02.jpg

Hotel Clover Voucher
2D 1N stay at Loft King Suite with breakfast for 2  worth $600

 photo HerWorldHotelClover01.jpg

I got it from Her World Magazine

12 April 2015

5 Game Set

5 Game Set

Roulette Wheel with 2 Steel Balls, Croupier Stick, 2 Reversible Felt Mats, 100 Chips, 4 Dice, Deck of Playing Cards, Complete Instructions, Poker Dice. 

From iLoveSales.SG   

10 April 2015

Ameiales Q10 Essential Lotion

 photo AmeialesQ10EssentialLotion04.jpg

 photo AmeialesQ10EssentialLotion05.jpg

 photo AmeialesQ10EssentialLotion06.jpg

My Thoughts

I'm loving the small bottle of Ameiales Q10 Essential Lotion which is good to use and quite effective.  It doesn't have a perfume scent.

I like the texture of the slightly concentrated clear essence.  I apply it at night after toner and it's easily absorbed into the skin leaving my face very smooth to the touch.  Since it states that it's able to remove wrinkles so I apply and massage it onto my eye area and neck too.

With daily use, I noticed my skin has become smoother and firmer on the cheeks.  After finishing a bottle, it's quite disappointing that I don't see any improvement on the dryer parts of my face and my wrinkles are still the same as before.  It would be great if it can help to remove all the wrinkles as I really hate to see the dryer skin and deep wrinkles on the eyes, forehead and neck.

 photo AmeialesQ10EssentialLotion07.jpg

 photo AmeialesQ10EssentialLotion01.jpg

 photo AmeialesQ10EssentialLotion02.jpg

 photo AmeialesQ10EssentialLotion03.jpg

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