23 December 2016

SG Organic

Recently my brother-in-law won a mystery gift in the Santa Barry Surprise Giveaway for my mother, it was purposed to be delivered in the morning of 23 December 2016, but they request for delivery in the afternoon, so my brother-in-law told them to deliver before 12pm, but they came at almost 1pm.  My mother got to work at 1pm so she left at 12.15pm, which is the latest time that she could wait. 

My mother told me to take urgent leave, come back, wait & receive the prize for her, so I rushed back & waited till almost 1pm, than 2 people, one middle aged man & a younger lady came, but they refused to pass the box to me, saying they were told by their office to pass the box to my mother cos they want to take a photo of her.

All they want is a photo, & its just a photo. Anyone can just take the photo, but the man insisted no.  And they want to come back again later.   Come on lah, you think my family is so free, everyday sit at home waiting for them.  Or they think my house is a brothel or coffee shop where they can come & go as and when they wish.  Some more they said they are busy with their many deliveries today, but this man still got the time to come back again.  What a big liar. 

 I don't see any sincerity in them, you mean when they post the photos on facebook, other people will know the face of my mother.   Wasted my mother & my half day leave waited for nothing. 

They came late, never apologized, & they aspect my mother to wait for them till 1pm, she took half day leave to wait for them is already good enough.  If my mother wait till 1pm, then she has to take a full day leave.

They really got attitude problem, they are the ones that couldn't keep to the appointment time, & still say cannot pass the box over to me.  Why daughter cannot receive the box for my very own mother,  I came out from her belly.   Maybe this is their trick so that they can save the box up for themselves.  This man may even bring it home for his own family.

They can simply asked my brother-in-law to email over to their office, saying that he wants to change the recipient to me.  It’s so easy, but they don't care.   Since it’s not stated that he can't change the recipient, so obviously it can be changed.  Anyway, when entering the giveaway, it’s not stated that recipient must be at home, & didn't mention about photo taking.  Its only when the man came, he said that.  Just some cheapo prize, so neow, so inflexible, like that how do business & how people want to support them. 
Why waste other people time waiting. This is totally unacceptable.  Till now, not an email or phone call, or delivery of the box.  Late and not apologetic.  This shows how arrogant they are.

What a disappointing SG Organic located at Tan Boon Liat Building which is just so near to my house & they want to be late, & upset my mother so badly.  Just a box of cheapstake thing & want to be to stingy.  

I can't find any sincerity in them and their service is definitely far below standard. Being so inflexible, bad attitude, I will definitely spread the word so that people will not be their next victim.  Behave just like hooligans.

Late till want to talk so much.  So inflexible, so , how to do business like that.   My advice to you is, don't never support or buy anything from them.  They are not worth it. 

You know what, after all these disappointments, I picked up $50 from the street when I go dinner with my mother at night.  Haha, God is comforting us by being upset with these despicable小人.   Happy but still very angry.   Can't believe got these type of people.

Late, never apologize, still want to argue so much.  This is no way to do business, if they continue to provide this kind of service and attitude, sooner or later their business will close down.

Nowadays, may companies are like that, treat us like some kind of beggar or low class people, think they are God when they do giveaways.   Arrogant & inflexible is not the way to do business.

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