29 August 2015

New Zealand Natural Gift Voucher

 photo NewZealandNaturalVoucher02.jpg

New Zealand Natural Gift Voucher
2 pints worth $27.80

 photo NewZealandNaturalVoucher01.jpg

 photo NewZealandNaturalVoucher03.jpg

I used one voucher to get

 photo NewZealandNaturalVoucher07.jpg

2 pints
Cookies & Cream 
Chocolate Ecstasy

 photo NewZealandNaturalVoucher06.jpg

 photo NewZealandNaturalVoucher05.jpg

 photo NewZealandNaturalVoucher04.jpg

23 August 2015

Better Vision Voucher

Better Vision $50 Discount Voucher

18 August 2015

MPS Hamper

 photo MagicPopSolution02.jpg

 photo MagicPopSolution03.jpg

Encore Multi-Purpose Solution  360ml  x 2
Encore Multi-Purpose Solution  60ml

 photo MagicPopSolution04.jpg

 photo MagicPopSolution05.jpg

Contact Lens Case

 photo MagicPopSolution06.jpg

 photo MagicPopSolution01.jpg

I got them from Magic POP Singapore

17 August 2015

Fancl Aging Care Lotion ll

 photo FanclAntiAgingCareLotion01.jpg

 photo FanclAntiAgingCareLotion02.jpg

 photo FanclAntiAgingCareLotion03.jpg

 photo FanclAntiAgingCareLotion04.jpg

My Thoughts

The milky white lotion doesn't come with a perfume scent.

I like it that it comes in a small 30ml hard plastic bottle.  A small bottle like this can last me for a month's usage.

Pour a little onto my palm, spread it evenly on my entire face and pat it till it absorbed into the skin.  It leaves the skin moist.  Besides hydration, I don't see any other effects on my skin.

 photo FanclAntiAgingCareLotion05.jpg

14 August 2015

Mei Mei and Ball Ball

 photo CatJRT14Aug01.jpg

 photo CatJRT14Aug02.jpg

 photo CatJRT14Aug03.jpg

I'm very happy to see them.

Mei Mei is maybe 15 years old, a shy and timid cat.
Ball Ball is a young male cat, very mischievous and has many funny actions.

 photo CatJRT14Aug04.jpg

 photo CatJRT14Aug05.jpg

 photo CatJRT14Aug06.jpg

 photo CatJRT14Aug07.jpg

 photo CatJRT14Aug08.jpg

 photo CatJRT14Aug09.jpg

 photo CatJRT14Aug10.jpg

 photo CatJRT14Aug11.jpg

 photo CatJRT14Aug12.jpg

 photo CatJRT14Aug13.jpg

 photo CatJRT14Aug14.jpg

13 August 2015

Physiogel Hamper

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$100 Physiogel Hamper

Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Cream  150ml
Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Body Lotion  200ml
Physiogel Daily Moisture Therapy Shower Cream  150ml

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11 August 2015

Fat Cat

 photo CatChinatown11Aug02.jpg

Saw this fat cat sleeping inside a shop.  Guess the owner must be loving her alot.

 photo CatChinatown11Aug01.jpg

Capita Voucher

 photo LifeDNRCapitaVoucher01.jpg

$20 Capita Voucher

 photo LifeDNRCapitaVoucher02.jpg

Capita Voucher

 photo HarmonyAWCapitaVoucher02.jpg

$100 Capita Voucher

 photo HarmonyAWCapitaVoucher03.jpg

 photo HarmonyAWCapitaVoucher01.jpg

07 August 2015

Etude House Wonder Pore Special Wow Kit

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Wonder Pore Corrector Total Pore Solution 7 in 1  5ml
Wonder Pore Freshner Ultra Pore Solution 10 in 1  25ml
Wonder Pore Facial Soap  30g

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We got them from Daily Vanity

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