29 June 2015

Ya Kun Set Meal Voucher

 photo DarlieYaKunVoucher02.jpg

One Set of Kaya Toast Set Meal Voucher  worth $4.60

 photo DarlieYaKunVoucher03.jpg

 photo DarlieYaKunVoucher01.jpg

I got them from Darlie Singapore

28 June 2015


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Got a CapitaVoucher $5 from CapitaStar at Tampines Mall.

On the 20 June 2015, we went to ION Orchard to exchange for the voucher, but were totally pissed off by the Chinese staff at the concierge.  He has no smile, no respect, is unfriendly, rude, unhelpful and impatient.  When we asked if we can exchange the CapitaStar for the voucher, he answered us in such a rude and impatient way.  
What's the point of being young, tall, slender and not bad looking, but has a ridiculously bad attitude.
I hope ION will train their staff probably to prevent them to further offend the customers.

26 June 2015

Nip + Fab Cellulite Fix Body Sculpting Gel

My Thoughts

The concentrated gel has a strong perfume scent. Every night I will apply by rubbing in circular motion and massaging it on my thighs, hips, buttocks and arms wanting to remove the ugly cellulite. 

Due to its thick texture, it's difficult to squeeze the gel out from the tube, even spreading and massaging it into the skin takes quite a while. I got to rub and massage continuously for quite some time. It doesn't seem to be absorbing into the skin but only sitting on top of it, leaving it coated and sticky. 

After finishing 3 tubes, I don't see any obvious improvement on the cellulite. It probably does help to make the appearance of the surface of my skin look smoother, but when I press on my fresh, the cellulite is still there. The gel can be quite drying for my dry skin as after using it for a few days, the white flaky and peeling skin appears all over both of my thighs.

150ml in a long tube looks big but then it finishes up real fast. Using it once a day, one tube can only last for about 3 weeks.

24 June 2015

Pizza Hut - Bukit Merah Central

 photo BMPizzaHut24Jun02.jpg

Super Supreme  $9.75  Medium Size  
50% off

Wednesday Drumlets  $6.90  -  Buy 6 Get 4 Free

 photo BMPizzaHut24Jun03.jpg

 photo BMPizzaHut24Jun01.jpg

With a $10 voucher, paid $6.65

21 June 2015

Selenite Palm Stone

 photo FullCircleSelenitePalmStone03.jpg

Selenite Palm Stone  worth $18

 photo FullCircleSelenitePalmStone04.jpg

 photo FullCircleSelenitePalmStone02.jpg

 photo FullCircleSelenitePalmStone01.jpg

O'sum Starflower

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O'sum Starflower Face Treatment Oil  20ml
O'sum Starflower Makeup Cleansing Oil-In-Gel  150ml

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Gülsha Rosa Damascena Distillate

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Gülsha Rosa Damascena Distillate  30ml

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20 June 2015

The Nail Lab

 photo TheNailLab03.png

 photo TheNailLab04.jpg

The nail polish looks really pretty but then it's the real lousy type, not lasting at all.  It comes off bit by bit and within a week, there's nothing left on my fingers.

 photo TheNailLab05.jpg

 photo TheNailLab06.jpg

The nail polish on my feet is of a different brand and this one is lasting.

 photo TheNailLab02.jpg

 photo TheNailLab01.jpg

I got it free with a voucher.

I find it so weird that when I was early for my appointment, even when there was no customer, the manicurist told me to be back at the exact appointment time.  
The manicurist can be quite arrogant, unfriendly and rude.  
I don't like her type of poor service and bad attitude.

$66 for a Classic Manicure + Pedicure is very expensive.
I would rather go to the other shops in Far East Plaza where they are doing promotion for the Gelish type at a much cheaper price.

Jute Bag

 photo APerfectSatJuteBag01.jpg

Jute Bag  worth $39

 photo APerfectSatJuteBag02.jpg

 photo APerfectSatJuteBag03.jpg

I got it from A Perfect Saturday

Yami Yogurt - ION

 photo YamiYogustRaspberry04.jpg

Yami Yogurt Raspberry  $12.90

 photo YamiYogustRaspberry03.jpg

 photo YamiYogustRaspberry02.jpg

 photo YamiYogustRaspberry01.jpg

With a $12 voucher, paid 90 cents

It's disappointing to see that the box is not fully filled with yogurt.  I noticed the ION outlet is stingy cos the yogurt they give is always very little.

14 June 2015

Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick

 photo EsteeLPureEnvyLipstick05.jpg

Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick  3.5g  worth $45

 photo EsteeLPureEnvyLipstick06.jpg

330 Impassioned

 photo EsteeLPureEnvyLipstick04.jpg

 photo EsteeLPureEnvyLipstick03.jpg

 photo EsteeLPureEnvyLipstick02.jpg

 photo EsteeLPureEnvyLipstick01.jpg

I got it from Robinsons

12 June 2015

Pizza Hut Dining Voucher

 photo PizzaHutVoucher02.jpg

Pizza Hut $50 Dining Voucher

 photo PizzaHutVoucher03.jpg

 photo PizzaHutVoucher01.jpg

From Pizza Hut

09 June 2015

ZTE Blade S6

 photo ZTEBladeS606.jpg

ZTE Blade S6   Silver  worth $349

 photo ZTEBladeS607.jpg

 photo ZTEBladeS608.jpg

 photo ZTEBladeS609.jpg

 photo ZTEBladeS605.jpg

 photo ZTEBladeS604.jpg

 photo ZTEBladeS603.jpg

 photo ZTEBladeS602.jpg

 photo ZTEBladeS601.jpg

Wanted to sell the handphone but nobody wants, even the shops won't buy it saying that this handphone is worthless and no one will purchase it.  Got no choice but to use it.  

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