30 May 2015

Clio Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner Mini HD Color Edition

 photo ClioGelpressoPencilGellinerMini06.jpg

Clio Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner Mini HD Color Edition worth $25.90

 photo ClioGelpressoPencilGellinerMini08.jpg

Gold Shine No. 9  0.3g
Bloody Angel No. 7  0.3g
Deep Blue Sea No. 10  0.3g
Jade Green No. 11  0.3g
Golden Black No. 5  0.3g

 photo ClioGelpressoPencilGellinerMini07.jpg

 photo ClioGelpressoPencilGellinerMini05.jpg

 photo ClioGelpressoPencilGellinerMini03.jpg

 photo ClioGelpressoPencilGellinerMini04.jpg

 photo ClioGelpressoPencilGellinerMini02.jpg

 photo ClioGelpressoPencilGellinerMini01.jpg

Playboy Generation Eau De Toilette Spray

 photo PlayboyGenerationEDT04.jpg

Playboy Generation Eau De Toilette Spray For Him  100ml

 photo PlayboyGenerationEDT05.jpg

 photo PlayboyGenerationEDT06.jpg

 photo PlayboyGenerationEDT02.jpg

 photo PlayboyGenerationEDT03.jpg

 photo PlayboyGenerationEDT01.jpg

Suppose to get the EDT plus an exclusive Playboy merchandise, but there's no merchandise inside the box.

Sensodyne Products

  photo SensodyneGift04.jpg

Sensodyne Mouthwash  Cool Mint  500ml
Sensodyne Mouthwash  Extra Fresh  500ml
Sensodyne Complete Protection Toothbrush  Soft
Sensodyne Extra Fresh Complete Protection  100g

 photo SensodyneGift03.jpg

 photo SensodyneGift05.jpg

 photo SensodyneGift06.jpg

 photo SensodyneGift07.jpg

 photo SensodyneGift08.jpg

 photo SensodyneGift09.jpg

 photo SensodyneGift10.jpg

 photo SensodyneGift01.jpg

 photo SensodyneGift02.jpg

We got them from Sensodyne SG

App App Plush Toy

 photo MDAMyAppApp02.jpg

App App Plush Toy

 photo MDAMyAppApp03.jpg

 photo MDAMyAppApp01.jpg

 photo MDAMyAppApp04.jpg

28 May 2015


 photo Silkygirl100Hamper04.jpg

SILKYGIRL Hamper  worth $100

 photo Silkygirl100Hamper05.jpg

20hr Perfect Stay 20HR Eyeliner  01 Blackest Black  0.28g  

 photo Silkygirl100Hamper06.jpg

Ever Bloom  08 Honeysuckle  5ml
Ever Bloom  09 Gerbera  5ml

 photo Silkygirl100Hamper15.jpg

Moisture Shine  01 Naked Truth  3.5g

 photo Silkygirl100Hamper07.jpg

Perfect Stay Eye Primer + Shadow  4.8g

 photo Silkygirl100Hamper08.jpg

Lash Prism Waterproof Mascara  01 Blackest Black  4ml
Gentle Eye & Lip Makeup Remover  25ml

 photo Silkygirl100Hamper09.jpg

Magic BB White Cream  All-In-One  SPF 50/PA+++  02 Radiant  18ml

 photo Silkygirl100Hamper10.jpg

Skin Perfect Brightening Primer  18ml

 photo Silkygirl100Hamper11.jpg

Skin Perfect CC Color Control 2-Way Foundation SPF 25/PA++  03 Natural  11g

 photo Silkygirl100Hamper12.jpg

 photo Silkygirl100Hamper13.jpg

 photo Silkygirl100Hamper14.jpg

 photo Silkygirl100Hamper03.jpg

 photo Silkygirl100Hamper01.jpg

 photo Silkygirl100Hamper02.jpg

SILKYGIRL used to send the prizes by mail or courier service to the winners, but now we got collect them from their IMM office during our working hours.

They are not even willing to let us collect them from their promoters in the shopping malls, saying that they are afraid the prizes will be lost.

Why would the promoters lose the prizes when they can keep the prizes in the cabinet where they store the extra products and keep their personal belongings.

To me, this is just their excuse.  If they have decided to be stingy just admit it.

25 May 2015

Super Junior CD

 photo ArirangtvSuperJunior02.jpg

 Super Junior 7 / Kangin Special Edition

 photo ArirangtvSuperJunior03.jpg

 photo ArirangtvSuperJunior01.jpg

I got it from Arirang TV

Anatomicals Body Cleanser

 photo AnatomicalsCypressThymeBodyCleanser01.jpg

Anatomicals Cypress and Thyme Body Cleanser

 photo AnatomicalsCypressThymeBodyCleanser02.jpg

 photo AnatomicalsCypressThymeBodyCleanser03.jpg

 photo AnatomicalsCypressThymeBodyCleanser04.jpg

My Thoughts

It's my very first time using the body cleansers and I felt in love with their unique scent.

Both the gel-like body cleansers have a very nice fragrance.  I always like to see and feel the bubbles when I bathe, but then they don't have much of it, so I need to pump at least 4 times and when mix with water than I will see a little of the bubbles.  The mild body cleansers washes quite well, they leave the skin feeling fresh and clean.

Both are nice to use, but I prefer the scent of the green one.  The red one smells too sweet.

 photo AnatomicalsMangoPapayaBodyCleanser01.jpg

Anatomicals Mango and Papaya Body Cleanser

 photo AnatomicalsMangoPapayaBodyCleanser02.jpg

 photo AnatomicalsMangoPapayaBodyCleanser03.jpg

 photo AnatomicalsMangoPapayaBodyCleanser04.jpg

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