30 September 2012

Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节

I'm a huge fan of moon cakes and often crave for them.  Finally it's time of year that they are on sale. 
I can't wait to eat them.
锦纶泰  KLT Moon Cake
This is the first time I heard and tried KLT moon cakes.  They are really delicious.  They are soft, juicy and sweet.  I absolutely love them.
Black Sesame Lotus with 1 Yolk
Pandan Lotus with 1 Yolk
White Lotus
White Lotus with 2 Yolks
Man Fu Yuan  满福苑  ( InterContinental Hotel )
Lotus Seed Paste with Single Yolk
This moon cake is not yummy at all.  The lotus paste is hard and not juicy.  The yolk is super hard and bitter.
Finally, I know that not all branded and expensive moon cakes are delicious.
So disappointing ...

29 September 2012

Silver Cat


Years back, this beautiful silver cat used to be very skinny and pregnant.  After it was spayed, it got fat. But I never once saw her kittens. I wonder if they are aborted.  She's a well-known  smart cat who takes the lift up and down the 5-storey building.  Instead of climbing the stairs, she prefers to take the lift together with humans.

Ba Wang Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo and Conditioner

I bought the Ba Wang Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo + Conditioner at $13.50.  It comes with a free Ba Wang Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo 80ml. 
And also, a free Ba Wang Hair Conditioner Infused with Precious Chinese Herbal Extracts 220g or a Ba Wang Herbal Extracts Bath Foam 300ml. 
This is my 5th or 6th purchases and it's the last cos' mommy doesn't like it.
My Thoughts

This gold color shampoo has a strong Chinese herb scent.   With water added, it will lather to rich bubbles.  This shampoo makes the hair tangled, so a conditioner is needed.

Three of my family members use this, and it does help to reduce hair fall.  But with regular use, our hair becomes very dry like straw grass.

My Thoughts

This thick white conditioner has a strong Chinese herb scent, like the shampoo.

After shampoo, apply and massage it onto my hair and scalp.  Wait for a few seconds and rinse off thoroughly with water. 

This conditioner makes the hair rough, dry and tangled.


28 September 2012

Rachel K Original CC Cream Sample

My Thoughts

This long wearing cc cream is a non-oily pinkish cream with a very nice mild perfume fragrance. 

A concealer is needed to cover up the dark spots as it doesn't provide a good coverage on freckles, dark circles and pimple marks.

The thick and soft cream blends well into the skin.  It keeps my skin matte, yet moisturized for the whole day. 

With this cc cream, my face is looking naturally smooth, matte and radiant.  Its pinkish shade gives my skin a healthy glow.

27 September 2012

NOPS Pearl Shine Sun Screen SPF 35 /PA++

My Thoughts

In July, my sister received this tube of sun screen in the mailbox. 

The thick and creamy white cream has a very nice perfume fragrance.
After a few rubs, it's easily absorbed in the skin, without the oily and sticky feeling.  It leaves the skin smooth, bright, moisturized and with a long lasting nice scent. 
It can be applied on both the face and body.  With SPF 35, it helps to protect the skin from the harmful sun's rays.
We got the NOPS Pearl Shine Sun Screen SPF 35 /PA++ 50ml from Venus Beauty.


25 September 2012

NOPS Egg White Bubble Cleanser


My Thoughts
The transparent cleanser has the color of the raw egg white and a very nice perfume scent.
Though it's liquid inside the bottle, when pumped, thick and smooth foam will come out from the plastic nozzle dispenser.  
Add water to the foam to lather, and wash on the entire face and neck.  Then rinse off with water.  It thoroughly removes the makeup, dirt and oil, leaving my skin clean, smooth, bright and moisturized.


We got the NOPS Egg White Bubble Cleanser 160ml from Venus Beauty. 

We purposely travel to Venus Beauty Ang Mo Kio Branch to collect our free cleansers. As per their receipt, they are worth $12.90 a bottle.

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