13 May 2014

G.Field Olive Pore Refining Mask

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My Thoughts

The soft paper mask is soaked with plenty of perfume scented clear essence.  It sticks on well to the skin.  At night, I will put on the mask on my clean face and remove it after it's dried up. The essence leaves my skin with a very slight sticky feeling.  It's said to refine pores and control sebum, however when I looked into the mirror the next morning, it didn't help to reduce the oil, but instead my entire face is oil shiny, probably cos it contains castor oil.  On 2 occasions, the essence got into my eyes and they hurt a lot. 

I really dislike the soft plastic sheet that sticks onto one side of the mask as I find that it's really difficult to separate it from the mask and it's a waste when so much essence is sticking onto it.  I don't want to waste the essence so I will dap and apply the remaining essence from the plastic sheet and inside the foil packet onto my legs. 

 photo GFieldOlivePoreRefiningMask09.jpg

One box contains 25ml x 6 pcs of individually wrapped mask

 photo GFieldOlivePoreRefiningMask04.jpg


Ania Zarzycka said...

that looks interesting!! :)

Sleepy BB said...

I agree, that was why I bought it. But it's not effective.

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