28 June 2016

Cat Relaxing

Cat laying near the bus stop, probably waiting for dinner.

Very friendly and cute cat.

24 June 2016

Bifesta Konnyaku Cleansing Gel Liquid


Bifesta Konnyaku Cleansing Gel Liquid  230ml   
worth  $18.90

From Bifesta

Dumpling Pouch

Dumpling Pouch

I got it from Mini Monies

23 June 2016

Skinfood Voucher

$50 Skinfood Voucher

From Simply Her Magazine

06 June 2016

Cathy Doll Products

Pineapple & AHA  55g

Cathy Doll Milky Splash Essence  50g

I got them from Karmartsclub Singapore

05 June 2016

Capita Voucher

Capita Voucher $5

Y&J Cash Voucher

Y&J $5 Cash Voucher x 3

From ForFunk

01 June 2016

Dr.Ci:Labo Herbal Serum O2 Oxygen Charge

 Dr.Ci:Labo Herbal Serum O2 Oxygen Charge  25ml

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