08 November 2016

Nutella Hazelnut Spread With Cocoa

Hazelnut Spread With Cocoa  375g


Won a bottle of Nutella previously and it was delivered to my house, but this time they made the winners to self collect.

It is just a $5 small bottle of Nutella, $3.90 at Value Shop and $5 cannot even cover my leave from work and transport fee to travel there.

If Nutella is so stingy with the postage, than don't organize giveaway.  It's only a cheapo bottle of Nutella and want to cause us inconvenience.

Have to collect at the agency, most agencies that I went got bad attitude, unfriendly, demanding, force people to take photos and super stingy with the postage.  I think agencies are only wanting to earn their clients money and they provide bad service to us.   The most common is stingy with the postage fee,  most of them won't even want to pay 30 cents for the postage of a voucher.

The guy here is friendly, just hate it that they are stingy with the postage.  If Nutella wants to hire a super stingy agency, then don't organize giveaways.  I can simply walk to the nearby supermarket to buy it, at least I don't have to waste my leave and transport money, and still can earn point with the supermarket card.   They should have been more sincere and also giveaway the big $10 bottle.  If so stingy, must as well keep the Nutella in their pantry for their own staff to eat.

Do you know how difficult is it to find this small unit where it's at a corner without unit number on the door, only paste an A4 size paper at the side of the wall with the small words address on it.  Walked all over and into another office with the unit no. #02-00 and the lady was so surprised when I said Nutella, but she was very friendly.

DCG Digital Singapore Pte. Ltd
Pico Creative Centre
20 Kallang Avenue
#02-00, Lobby A
Singapore 339411

I won't be supporting Nutella anymore.

From Nutella

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