25 May 2014

Vital Greens

 photo VitalGreenSample02.jpg
Vital Greens  5g x 14 Sachets
 photo VitalGreenSample03.jpg
 photo VitalGreenSample04.jpg
 photo VitalGreenSample05.jpg

Frankly, I don't quite like it as it got a kind of weird taste.  It's not easily dissolved in water, even mixing it with boiling hot water and no matter how much and hard I stir it, there will still be powder floating inside and after drinking it, there will be a thick layer of powder sticking to the bottom of the cup.  Later I realized that's the residue.

However I find that this is a really good health supplement for people like me who rarely eat fruits and veggies.  Every morning or night time, I will have a sachet mixed with water.  I prefer it natural cos when I mixed it with juice or milk, it tastes even more weird.
 photo VitalGreenSample07.jpg
 photo VitalGreenSample08.jpg

 photo VitalGreenSample01.jpg
 photo VitalGreenSample06.jpg

We got them from Vital Greens Singapore


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