28 June 2013

GLOW Ignite 2.0

  photo GlowIgnite05.jpg

GLOW Ignite 2.0   worth $128 

Dietary Supplement   60 Vegetarian Capsules

 photo GlowIgnite06.jpg

 photo GlowIgnite07.jpg

 photo GlowIgnite08.jpg

 photo GlowIgnite01.jpg

 photo GlowIgnite02.jpg

 photo GlowIgnite03.jpg

 photo GlowIgnite04.jpg

 photo GlowIgnite09.jpg

 photo GlowIgnite10.jpg

 photo GlowIgnite11.jpg

 photo GlowIgnite12.jpg


Dsquared Potion Blue Cadet Eau De Toilette

 photo SasaPotionBlueCadetToilette02.jpg

Dsquared Potion Blue Cadet Eau De Toilette  30ml

 photo SasaPotionBlueCadetToilette03.jpg

 photo SasaPotionBlueCadetToilette04.jpg

 photo SasaPotionBlueCadetToilette01.jpg

From SaSa SG.

CozyCot Welcome Gift

 photo CozyCotWelcomeGift02.jpg

One bag has
Vaseline Healthy White UV Lightening Even-Tone Lotion
Carlson Baby Wipes
and 2 vouchers

Vaseline Healthy White UV Lightening Even-Tone Lotion  120ml 

Carlson Baby Wipes

 photo CozyCotWelcomeGift03.jpg

We got the Welcome Gifts from Cozycot.

 photo CozyCotWelcomeGift01.jpg

Colla-e Collagen Drink with Multi Vitamins

 photo CozyCotCollaECollagenDrinkWithMultiVitamins02.jpg
Colla-e Collagen Drink with Multi Vitamins  500ml
 photo CozyCotCollaECollagenDrinkWithMultiVitamins09.png
 photo CozyCotCollaECollagenDrinkWithMultiVitamins01.jpg
We got them from CozyCot.

27 June 2013

Canon PowerShot A2600 Digital Camera

 photo CanonPowerShotA260008.jpg

Canon PowerShot A2600 Digital Camera  worth $176

 photo CanonPowerShotA260009.jpg

 photo CanonPowerShotA260010.png

 photo CanonPowerShotA260007.jpg

 photo CanonPowerShotA260006.jpg

 photo CanonPowerShotA260005.jpg

 photo CanonPowerShotA260004.jpg

 photo CanonPowerShotA260003.jpg

 photo CanonPowerShotA260002.jpg

 photo CanonPowerShotA260001.jpg

From One Day One Sale

The King Louis and Queens Vouchers

 photo RubbishEatGrowKingLouisVoucher02.jpg

 photo RubbishEatGrowKingLouisVoucher04.jpg

Queens @ Sentosa Boardwalk – Free Gourmet Coffee  x 2
The King Louis $50 Dining Voucher

 photo RubbishEatGrowKingLouisVoucher03.png

Golden Village Movie Cards

 photo ParadiseGoldenVillageMovieCard02.jpg

 photo ParadiseGoldenVillageMovieCard03.jpg

We got the $120 Golden Village Movie Cards from Paradise Group Holdings.

 photo ParadiseGoldenVillageMovieCard01.jpg

Choice $20 Gift Voucher

 photo DBSiBankingVoucher02.jpg
 photo DBSiBankingVoucher03.jpg
Choice $20 Gift Voucher from DBS iBanking. 
 photo DBSiBankingVoucher01.jpg

26 June 2013

Floral Crown

 photo MirageFlowersFloralCrown02.jpg

 photo MirageFlowersFloralCrown03.jpg

I got a Floral Crown made with real Orchid Flowers from Mirage Flowers. 
 photo MirageFlowersFloralCrown04.png

 photo MirageFlowersFloralCrown01.jpg


 photo AFCLipoDown203.jpg

 photo AFCLipoDown207.jpg

 photo AFCLipoDown208.jpg

AFC LipoDOWN 2  -  525mg x 60 softgels

 photo AFCLipoDown209.jpg

 photo AFCLipoDown210.jpg

 photo AFCLipoDown205.jpg

6 bottles worth $557.40

 photo AFCLipoDown206.png

 photo AFCLipoDown204.jpg

 photo AFCLipoDown202.jpg

 photo AFCLipoDown201.jpg

From AFC Japan

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