21 September 2014

Dian Xiao Er 店小二 - Marina Square

 The Family Set  $48

Superior Steamed Rice
Duck Roasted with Angelica Herb
Baby Kai-Lan with Salted Fish & Lime
Dong Po Pork
Soup of The Day

Duck Roasted with Angelica Herb
I like it for being almost boneless and the sauce is yummy.  But the duck meat can be quite tough.

Dong Po Pork
It's half fat and half lean meat in black sauce.  The soft lean meat tastes very good with the sweet black sauce.  I only eat the lean meat, the fat meat is definitely a no no for me.

Baby Kai-Lan with Salted Fish & Lime
I do not like this dish at all.  The veggie is really hard and the sauce is super salty.


Bitter Gourd with Pork Ribs Soup
One bowl comes with a piece of bitter gourd and a few small pieces of meat, while another one only has a piece of bitter gourd inside the soup.  The meat is soft and the soup is quite bitter.  Not bad.

White Rice

2 Towels  60 cents

With a $20 voucher, we paid $37.20 for the total bill.

I kinda regretted so much for ordering this meal as it's not really that delicious and $57.20 for a meal like this is very expensive and not worth it.

19 September 2014

Yoshimaru Ramen Bar - Holland Village

Karamiso Tonkotsu Ramen  $12
( Original Miso Tonkotsu Ramen )

The chewy ramen is quite nice to eat.  But the egg is too soft that it breaks so easily as I picked it up.  I do not like the super salty soup and the really tough small pieces of meat.

Karaka Men  $13
( Spicy Yuzu Ramen )

The soup is quite spicy and the seaweed is salty.

Yaki Gyoza - Tori  $6
( Dumpling - Chicken )
I love this one.  The soft skin with the tender chicken meat inside is delicious.

Cold Water
Sesame Seeds

With a $20 Gift Voucher, we paid $16.45 for the total bill.

Big Cat

The tabby white cat is really huge, think it must very heavy. It looks so cool sitting at the senior citizens corner with its legs wide opened. 

Its droopy eyes make it looks so cute and it doesn't mind you taking photos.

Balenciaga / Kérastase

 photo CosmopolitianBalenciagaKerastase02.jpg

 photo CosmopolitianBalenciagaKerastase03.jpg

 photo CosmopolitianBalenciagaKerastase04.jpg

 photo CosmopolitianBalenciagaKerastase05.jpg

Balenciaga Eau De Parfum  50ml

 photo CosmopolitianBalenciagaKerastase06.jpg

Balenciaga Body Lotion  100ml

 photo CosmopolitianBalenciagaKerastase07.jpg

Kérastase Initialiste Advanced Scalp and Hair Concentrate  60ml

 photo CosmopolitianBalenciagaKerastase10.jpg

 photo CosmopolitianBalenciagaKerastase01.jpg

18 September 2014

16 September 2014

$25 Burger King Note

$25 Burger King Note



 photo EzyHealthOsteocare01.jpg

Osteocare    worth $44.30
Osteocare Liquid Calcium Magnesium Zinc Vitamin D3   200ml
Osteocare Calcium Magnesium Vitamin D3 Zinc   8 Tablets

Osteocare Calcium Magnesium Vitamin D3 Zinc   8 Tablets

 photo EzyHealthOsteocare06.jpg

 photo EzyHealthOsteocare07.jpg

 photo EzyHealthOsteocare09.jpg

Osteocare Liquid Calcium Magnesium Zinc Vitamin D3   200ml

 photo EzyHealthOsteocare10.jpg

 photo EzyHealthOsteocare11.jpg

 photo EzyHealthOsteocare12.jpg

 photo EzyHealthOsteocare02.jpg

 photo EzyHealthOsteocare03.jpg

 photo EzyHealthOsteocare04.jpg

 photo EzyHealthOsteocare08.jpg

 photo EzyHealthOsteocare00.jpg

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