28 February 2015

Yami Yogurt - ION Orchard

 photo YamiIon28Feb01.jpg

Yami Yogurt Medium Cup - Strawberry  $3.90

 photo YamiIon28Feb02.jpg

Goodal Trans Foam Cleansing Oil

 photo GoodalTransFoamCleansingOil01.jpg

Goodal Trans Foam Cleansing Oil  100ml  worth $32.90

From Goodal SG

Phyto Phytocitrus Color Protect Radiance Mask

 photo JLPhytocitrusColorProtectRadianceMask01.jpg

Phyto Phytocitrus Color Protect Radiance Mask 200ml

27 February 2015

Activa Brightening Mask

 photo ActivaBrighteningMask01.jpg

 photo ActivaBrighteningMask02.jpg

 photo ActivaBrighteningMask03.jpg

My Thoughts

The thick and hard paper mask is soaked with lots of clear essence and has a mild perfume scent.

At night I will put on the mask on my clean face and remove it after it's dried up.  The essence leaves my skin sticky for a while and the next morning, I see that my face is slightly fairer and well moisturized.

The mask sticks on quite well to my face, but it's too big and doesn't fit my smaller face.  

In order not to waste the essence that's stick on the plastic sheet and inside the foil packet, I will apply it onto my legs and arms.

I never like mask that comes with a plastic sheet sticking onto one side of it.  I find it very bothersome to separate them and also it's a waste that there's so much essence sticking onto it.  

This piece of mask is given to me by my sister.  She used to love Activa but not anymore.  It's nice to try it, but it's not to my liking so I won't purchase it.

 photo ActivaBrighteningMask04.jpg

 photo ActivaBrighteningMask05.jpg

26 February 2015

Cats Killed

 photo CatJBM01.jpg

Today is a real upset day for me.  I saw a piece of black and white paper pasted on the wall at the lift lobby of my block.

 photo CatJBM03.jpg

 photo CatJBM02.jpg

Case 4
I saw the calico cat twice.  Once near the lift lobby and another time sleeping on top the letter box.  I took some photos of her in October 2014 when she was alive.  She's such a sweet and friendly cat.

Case 2
I saw the grey tabby cat a few times.  She's a super friendly, lively and very curious young looking cat who's always running to people to see what they are doing.

I think it's very bad for people to take advantage of the good nature of the cats and harm them.

If you don't like cats just leave them alone, don't harm or torture them.  People that kill animals are very evil and I will curse them and everyone in their future families for a billion billion years to all suffer and die a billion billion times more tragic than the cats.  I really pity his mother to have given birth to a devil like him. When he dies, he will surely be down in the 21 levels of hell.  21层地狱 is the scariest place in hell where he will suffer the most and 永不超生.

I hope the residents there can help to look out and protect the cats from the pervert cat killer.  The cats there are so friendly and lovable.  I don't want them to die.

24 February 2015

Amici 18 in 1 Yu Sheng

 photo AmiciYuSheng10.jpg

The yu sheng is very good to eat.  Mom added her home grown pomelo into it.

Before we 捞魚生, it's like this

 photo AmiciYuSheng07.jpg

 photo AmiciYuSheng06.jpg

 photo AmiciYuSheng08.jpg

 photo AmiciYuSheng09.jpg

18 in 1 Yu Sheng

 photo AmiciYuSheng05.jpg

 photo AmiciYuSheng04.jpg

 photo AmiciYuSheng03.jpg

 photo AmiciYuSheng02.jpg

A blue paper with no. 4491 is pasted on the plastic bag

 photo AmiciYuSheng01.jpg

I got it from Amici Events and Catering

Their office at Admiralty Street is not easy to access and I'm super unhappy about it for wasting so much of my time to locate it.  I asked people for directions and got sabo, ended up at the wrong building.  Finally later I'm able to find it hiding behind a building.

21 February 2015

Thai Express - Parkway Parade

 photo ThaiExpress21Feb01.jpg

Thai-Style Soft Shell Crab Lo Hei   $22.80
This dish is very nice to eat.  I love the sweet sauce that covers up the raw veggie taste.  The soft shell crab is too hard and crispy for my liking.

 photo ThaiExpress21Feb03.jpg

 photo ThaiExpress21Feb02.jpg

 photo ThaiExpress21Feb04.jpg

 photo ThaiExpress21Feb05.jpg

 photo ThaiExpress21Feb06.jpg

 photo ThaiExpress21Feb07.jpg

Massaman Chicken Curry with Thai-Style Pancake   $13.90
I love the delicious curry.

Got 2 packs of red packets

 photo ThaiExpress21Feb08.jpg

One pack got 5 and one pack got 6

 photo ThaiExpress21Feb09.jpg

Zespri 2015 Desk Calendar

 photo ZepriKiwi15Calcendar02.jpg

Zespri 2015 Desk Calendar

 photo ZepriKiwi15Calcendar01.jpg

 photo ZepriKiwi15Calcendar04.jpg

 photo ZepriKiwi15Calcendar05.jpg

 photo ZepriKiwi15Calcendar03.jpg

We got them from Zespri Kiwifruit Singapore

18 February 2015

Bee Cheng Hiang

 photo BeeChengHiangCCK05.jpg

Krispee Frostee  香酥肉松   


 photo BeeChengHiangCCK04.jpg

This is the 3rd pack of bakkwa that I got for the Lunar New Year.  

Got it from my mama.  

 photo BeeChengHiangCCK03.jpg

 photo BeeChengHiangCCK02.jpg

 photo BeeChengHiangCCK01.jpg

Reunion Steamboat Dinner

 photo CCK18Feb01.jpg

 photo CCK18Feb02.jpg

 photo CCK18Feb03.jpg

 photo CCK18Feb04.jpg

 photo CCK18Feb05.jpg

 photo CCK18Feb06.jpg

Shark Fin Soup

 photo CCK18Feb07.jpg

Fried Bee Hoon

 photo CCK18Feb09.jpg

Braised Duck

 photo CCK18Feb08.jpg


 photo CCK18Feb10.jpg

 photo CCK18Feb11.jpg

 photo CCK18Feb12.jpg

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