28 August 2011

Lip Ice Sheer Color Lip Moisturizer

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My Thoughts

The lip balms come in lovely pink packaging and they are easily turned in and out of the tubes. Being the hard type, they won't break into little pieces when I apply. 

I'm loving the long wearing pretty medium pink colors that are suitable for all occasions.  They have very smooth texture which glides on easily on the lips.  I noticed after food and drink, my lips still looks pink.  Guess, they stained my lips pink.
Strawberry is pearl white in color and has a very sweet strawberry scent.  It gives my lips a medium pink color.   

Shimmer is pearl pink in color with pink glitter particles and has no fragrance. It gives my lips a shiny medium pink color with sparkling glitters. 

 Strawberry n Shimmer

Upper Lip : Strawberry n Lower Lip : Shimmer
Both the colors look the alike, except that Shimmer is brighter and has glittering particles.   I will apply one layer to have the natural pink color, or 2 to 3 coatings to have a darker shade of pink.   After applying, my lips look smooth and shiny. 

I like the small and handy pink tubes. However, both look exactly the same. Looking at the very small words on the small sticker labels under the tubes really strain my eyes.

It's rather bothersome that I have to open the tubes to check the colors before applying. I'm often confused that pink is strawberry and white is shimmer.

It would be nice if the tubes have a strawberry or diamond ( a much smaller size of the stickers, shown above ) printed on them, for us to easily differentiate them at one glance.

Lip Ice Sheer Color Lip Moisturizer comes in Strawberry, Shimmer and Fragrance Free.

Lip Ice Sheer Color Beautiful Lips Contest, ends on 28 August 2011.  Enter here

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23 August 2011

Watsons Exfoliating Body Scrub - Cucumber & Multi Fruit Extracts


Ingredients :

My Experience

This white scrub has a nice perfume scent, with a cucumber smell in it.  It contains lots of mild exfoliating beads, which will not hurt my skin when scrubbing.  Infact, it makes scrubbing comfortable, just like massaging my skin.

It comes with a convenient flip cap.

Squeeze out half a handful onto palm, add water to dilute and apply onto body.  Scrub and rub from ears down to feet for a few minutes.  Then rinse off with water.

After scrubbing, my skin feels smooth but dry. To prevent my skin from peeling, I need to apply a body lotion. 

It makes applying the body lotion easy on the smooth skin and it absorbs fast into the dry skin.

17 August 2011

Nivea Hand Age Defying Q10 Plus


Ingredients :

My Experience

This white hand lotion has a heavy scent. The perfume smells like kerosene.

It comes with a convenient flip cap.

I apply it nightly to my hands, feet and nails. I always take care to massage the lotion into my cuticles and nails.

After many rubs, it absorbs into my skin, leaving a smooth coating on it. After sometime, the coating will disappear.

When I wash my hands in the morning, I feel an oily coating being washed away.

After applying a tube, my hands are a little smoother, but still dry.

My skin feels smooth on the surface. It has prevented my hands from itchy dry skin, but not heals the dry skin.  My hands and cuticles are still dry.

As for my feet, the skin on the top part is slightly smoother. The bottom part is still dry, it does not moisturize dry heels.

13 August 2011

Marks & Spencer Aloe Vera Cream Bath



My Experience

This translucent jade green cream bath has a heavy perfume scent. 

It comes with an inconvenient screw cap.

Pour out half a handful onto palm and add water to lather to rich rubbles.  Rub from ears to feet for a while and rinse off with water.

After bathing, my skin feels smooth and moisturized.  It leaves a nice long lasting fragrance on my body.

11 August 2011

Aquair Deep Moist Conditioner


Ingredients :

My Experience

This thick white conditioner has a very strong perfume scent.

After shampoo, pump 2 to 3 times onto palm and apply onto entire hair, particularly on the ends.  Rub and wait for 1 to 2 minutes.  Rinse off with water.

My hair feels very soft and smooth.  There is no tangling, makes combing very easy.

After shampooing, for the smooth application of this thick conditioner, I have to keep my hair semi wet.  When I squeeze my hair really dry, it is difficult to rub and spread it to my entire hair. 

10 August 2011

Koka Instant Noodles

I love Koka Instant Noodles, especially Laksa Singapura Flavour.   

It was on offer so I bought 2 packs from Giant Parkway Parade on 16 July 2011. 

1 big pack consists of 5 packets of noodles.  

2 weeks later, I open a pack and see that 1 packet is really small.

This is the first time I encounter a mini packet of Koka noodle.   

Hopefully this will not happen to the other pack which I have not opened yet. 
Frankly speaking, there is nothing special about this flavor, yet it is the most expensive.  Hope the price will be reduced to the same as the others in the same range.

Bought Tom Yam Flavour 1 pack, Spicy Singapore Fried Noodles 1 pack and Laksa Singapura Flavour 2 packs on 16 July 2011 from Giant Hypermarket.

Bought Spicy Singapore Fried Noodles 2 packs and Laksa Singapura Flavour 2 packs on 9 August 2011 from Sheng Siong Supermarket.

05 August 2011

Alaura Ultra-Hydrating Moisturising Lanolin Cream

A gift from Ping, bought from her Sydney Australia trip.


Alaura Skin Care laboratories have carefully prepared this unique Cream blending purest Australian Lanolin, Placenta, Collagen, Vitamin E and Squalene in a light perfumed base.

Regular use each day will moisturise and beautify your skin. 

To use : Gently apply several times each day, and to any dry areas requiring extra moisturising.  Suitable as a foundation for makeup.

Ingredients :

My Thoughts

This white cream is very thick and has a strong sweet scent. 

As stated on the product, this cream is for dry skin and I think the ingredients are too rich for my pimple prone skin. 

I do not have the courage to apply it on my face, worrying that it will cause breakouts, so I try it on my hand.  After a few rubs, it absorbs fast into my skin as if nothing is applied.  The sweet scent stays on my skin for a long time. 

Guess I will bring it with me on my future trips to cold weather countries, where the air is really dry, that I will need a rich moisturizer to keep my face well hydrated.

04 August 2011

Acnes Medicated Skincare Samples

I received a tube of Acnes Sealing Jell and a sachet of Acnes Creamy Wash 3g in my mailbox.

Acnes Sample Kit

Acnes Medicated Skincare
#1 Antibacterial Skin Care Brand in Japan

Acnes Creamy Wash
  • Remove excess oil, dirt and impurities
  • Prevents pimples effectively
  • Keeps skin soft & moist
  • Mild & non-irritating wash
Acnes Sealing Jell
  • Kills acne bacteria from deep inside of pores
  • Concentrated point care of acne

My Thoughts

This light pearl yellow wash has a refreshing sour lime scent.  A little is enough to lather to rich rubbles.  

It washes away the dirt and shiny oil from my face, leaving it smooth and clean, without the dry and tight feeling.

I use this small sachet of wash with my hubby, which is too little to share.  

Since it is 1 sample per address, they should give out a larger sachet for the whole family to try.

My Thoughts

This light pearl yellow jell has a strong medicated scent.  

Apply a little onto my pimples.  After a few circular rubs, it absorbs into my skin.  It does not make my skin feels dry and tight.

After applying 2 to 3 times, my pimples are dried up.  

It is effective on my hubby’s acnes.  After applying for 3 days, his red acnes are subsided and a week later, they are gone.  

Though it works well to remove pimples and acnes, it will leave behind the marks.

To redeem your FREE Acnes Sample Set (Acnes creamy wash sample & sealing jell sample), please Click here

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