05 May 2014

Singapore Post

As I was leaving my home today at 3pm, I saw the yellow SingPost Delivery Advice inside the holder infront of my door.  I was in the living room sofa since morning at 9am surfing the internet and I never hear any knocking on my door.  Once again the postman has come without knocking on the door or pressing the door bell.  All he did was to put the Delivery Advice at my door and left.

I’m wondering what is the Bulky article that is too big to fit into my letterbox?  I remember some time back I got a same Delivery Advice like this but after collecting the package from the post office, it fitted perfectly well inside my letterbox.

 photo SingpostAlexandraPO01.jpg

SingPost really got the cheeks to state For your convenience in the Delivery Advice.  How can Alexandra Post Office be convenient when my home is 5 minutes walk to Bukit Merah Central Post Office.  I got to collect my package at Alexandra Post Office which I got to walk 45 minutes to that inconveniently located ulu area where there's no public transport from my home to there.

 photo SingpostAlexandraPO02.jpg
 Wasting my time to queue up for so long to collect the package. 

I simply cannot agree with them for putting my estate under Alexandra Post Office when Bukit Merah Central Post Office is just down across the road from where I live.  The one who group my housing estate under Alexandra Post Office must have something wrong up there in his head.

 photo SingpostAlexandraPO03.jpg

Is this the so called Bulky article ?

 photo SingpostAlexandraPO04.jpg
My brother drove me there, wasted his petrol.

Mr postman is purposed to come up to my unit, knock on my door, shout postman and wait for my respond.  But this one is ridiculously weird, he rarely knocks on the door, even if he knocks, it will be one super soft knock and he disappears real fast without even waiting for one second.

 photo SingpostAlexandraPO05.jpg

Too big to go inside my letterbox ?  Mr Postman definitely needs a brain checkup.

 photo SingpostAlexandraPO06.jpg

I am very angry with SingPost's super unprofessional lousy service.  Writing feedbacks to them is like talking to the air cos all their customer service officers will say is, you have to collect it yourself at the stated post office, or you got to go down to Alexandra Post Office to pay $10 first and then they will do the redelivery.  If I go down there, must as well I collect it myself.  They really can talk nonsense without using their brains.

Since the postman comes to my block everyday to deliver mails so I don’t see why he can’t do the redelivery for free.  It’s so obvious that they want to cheat my $10. 

No matter how much I feedback, they won't take any action to improve their service, they won"t redeliver the package, they won't make any effort to help me at all.  How can they let the same thing happens over and over again.

SingPost is constantly creating havocs to many of us.  Their postmen are not trained at all and their customer service staffs are ridiculously lousy with bad attitude, arrogant, urging, shouting, rude, unfriendly and never bother to help. 

Also I noticed that the mails take a real long time to reach me.  They take 5 to 15 days from the stamped date to reach my letterbox.

Since the old Alexandra Post Office can't cope with the mails, they should close down and transfer their work to Bukit Merah Central Post Office.

No matter how much we feedback, they will only say there's nothing they can do.  What kind of irresponsible comment is this!


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