01 August 2012

Singapore Post ( Part 2 )

After the hectic days of battle with Singapore Post ...

My brother took time off from his work to collect the so called "bulky item that's too huge to be fitted into the mailbox".

When my brother came back home, I was surprised to see him holding a small brown box with only one hand. I was expecting a carton box that's 12 times bigger than that, that needs to be held with both hands.

I simply couldn't believe that this small box can't go into the mailbox, so I brought it downstairs and tried.

Open your eyes wide open and see ... it's too huge to be put into the mailbox???  What talking them???

As you see, it fitted into the mailbox nicely, with lots of empty space surrounding it, and even a gap on the top of it.
They dare to tell me to pay $10 at the Post Office first before they do a redelivery for me! Luckily, I'm not that stupid to be cheated by them.

Why did Mr Postman say that this bulky item is too big to go into my mailbox, that's why he brought it up to my unit?

And why did he say he knocked on my door at 1204pm, when I didn't hear anything?

He's such a great liar.  Guess, they're just his imaginations.

If he didn't make such a mistake, I would have gotten my parcel on 27 July.  And what is SingPost doing?  They don't even bother to respond to my 27 July's feedback, until I phoned them on 31 July.

As I said previously, I met Mr Postman and talked to him a couple of times.  This weird Mr Postman does funny things and loves to act cute.  He has been repeating the same mistake over and over again, there's a limit to our tolerance.  This blur like sotong Postman is definitely unsuitable for this job.

SingPost didn't bother to check if the parcel is really too huge to be fitted into the mailbox.  They're wasting my brother's time and petrol to purposely travel there to collect it.

Their foreign employees are rude, unhelpful, careless, scream and shout at their customers.  They look down on us, thinking they're all mighty.  This is the second time that I was treated badly by their foreign Customer Service Officers.

Rxmxn refused to answer me when I asked for the Head Quarters email address to lodge a complaint.  It's obvious that he wants to protect his own nationality colleague.

Always remember, Customer is not always right, but they are never wrong.  And don't never xyz your customers.

It's probably their culture to act this way, cos' many of my brother's working colleagues and contractors of the same nationality are like that too.  They really get on your nerves and make you quarrel with them.  Of course, there are nice ones too.

When my brother approached the counter staff at the Post Office, the Indian lady was surprised to see nothing was written on the yellow copy.  Actually, Mr Postman should give us the first white copy and state the tracking number, not his second yellow copy.

After checking, my brother got the parcel.  She explained that the parcel is too big to go into the mailbox and Mr Postman said I didn't hear him knocked on my door.

My brother can't tolerate Cxxxxtxxn for mistreating me.  He asked for him, but was told that he's off today.  SingPost works 5 1/2 days, why is he off on a Wednesday?  Obviously, she's lying.

As my brother was leaving, he saw her talking to the Postman, so he went towards them.  This lady immediately pushed the Postman away and told him to go.

She said that our area belongs to their distinct cluster.  Why are they so inflexible?  Obviously, Bukit Merah Central Post Office is nearer and more convenient to access from my house.  Why are they making life difficult for us, forcing us to visit their ulu location 鸟不生蛋的地方, where there's no public transport, and the taxi fare is costly.

Hope someone will tell me where to send a feedback to the Head at SingPost Head Quarters in Paya Lebar.  We're okay with the first few times, but now we can no longer accommodate their ridiculous actions.


Pu Niao said...

Was reading through your blog until I came to this post. I felt rather sorry for you that your brother had to make a wasted trip to collect a box that can be fitted into your mailbox.

Truth be told, SingPost service has always been bad. I used to order CDs straight from Japan many years back and each time their customer service claimed that their postman knocked on my "door", although I didn't hear anything at all.

Finally tried leaving my door opened and locking the metal grille gate instead and waited. Guess what happened? The delivery postman came, and knocked on the metal grille gate instead of the door. I mean, come on, the distance between the locked grille gate and the opened wooden door isn't that far.

But it seems that SingPost employed delivery postmen/women who happened to have short arms, huh?

But still glad to read to the end of the post and found out you got your mail received.

P/S: I recently received a courier mail delivered by SingPost once more. And the delivery woman actually yelled "Poodle" while she knocked. Funny SingPost staffs ^^;

Bebe Lee said...

Thanks Pu Niao. I'm soo happy to finally found someone who understands my frustration.
I recently saw that Mr Postman is a different one. I feel sorry for the previous Mr Grandpa Postman, wonder where has he gone to? Seeing him for so many years, makes me miss him.

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