09 August 2012

Deluxe Snack Fukubukuro Bag ( 美食大福袋 )

My Fukubukuro Bag

My cousins' Fukubukuro Bags

This bag contains 3 items only.  What a disappointing bag.

We each received a Deluxe Snack Fukubukuro Bag ( 美食大福袋 ) from Fuku Bag Facebook.

Thank you, Fuku Bag for delivering them to our houses.

Furuta Strawberry Cookie

Morinaga Dars Milk Chocolate

Morinaga Dars White Chocolate

Morinaga Choco Ball Caramel

Morinaga Choco Ball Strawberry

Morinaga Choice Chocolate Biscuit

Bourbon Elise Choco Cream and White Cream Wafers



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