20 August 2012

Vardi and Migdal - Body Soap Sample

We each got a free body soap sample from Vardi n Migdal in JCube.

This brown soap reminds me of agar-agar.
 I really love its strong perfume fragrance.

When I rub it on my palms, this hard soap easily lathers to bubbles with water.
But when I use it on my body, I can only feel a smooth layer.  There are no bubbles at all.
After bath, my skin feels soft and smooth on the surface.
And it leaves a very nice long lasting fragrance on my body.
But it's not moisturizing enough for my super dry skin.

The black dots on my palm aren't dirt, they came from the soap.


tifffany_keep_going said...

thanks for your nice review, i tried many soap before, most of them are super dry to my skin *_*


Bebe Lee said...

Yes, I agreed.
The Eucerin Shower Oil is really good for super dry skin. I tried that long ago and my skin became soft, smooth, supple and hydrated. I stop using it cos' I find that it's costly and lack of bubbles.

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