31 July 2012

Singapore Post ( Part 1 )

Thank you, Singapore Post for your "amazing" service.

I'm really really angry with the extremely "fantastic" service (beyond words to describe) of SingPost.

I woke up at 3am yesterday morning and wanted to sleep at 8.30am. 
All thanks to SingPost that I'm still awake, feeling hungry, hot, sweaty and I haven't brush my teeth.

This copy of SingPost Delivery Advice was left on my door on Friday.

It's basically an empty piece of paper, with only a signature, date 27/7/12, time 1204pm and Alexandra Post Office stamp.  He left out the most important information of the tracking details. 
Without it, I'm unable to request for a redelivery online, so I wrote on their contact us page, which until now I received no reply.

Actually, at 1204pm, I was at home having lunch in the hall, and I'm very sure no one knocked on the door.  My ears are working perfectly fine, so it's impossible that I didn't hear his arrival.

Months back, he'll only knocked lightly on the thick wooden door twice and when we don't respond fast, he's gone.  After my sister's feedback, he'll spend some time knocking on the door and shout Postman.  But on 27/7, I heard nothing.

I remember the other time when he came, he asked me to sign on a wrong document, then he came again with the right one.  He loves to act cute.  One time, he even squeezed a huge parcel through my gate.  He should have waited for me to open the gate.  I don't see his clown like behaviour as funny, it's disgusting / nuisance. 

There's another time, when I was in the toilet, I heard him shouting Postman.  When I came out, he's gone.  I opened the door, and I don't see any Delivery Advice.  Immediately, I went downstairs to look for him, asking for my package and I got it.  But why, he didn't leave the Delivery Advice on my door.  If I didn't hear him and go downstairs to claim, I won't even know my package existed.

Frankly speaking, I met him a couple of times and think he's not functioning well up there in his head.  With his blur like sotong and ignorant attitude, the Postman job is unsuitable for him.  Hope SingPost will assign a 'normal' Postman to my area. 

My mommy waited the whole day yesterday for Mr Postman's redelivery and nothing came.  I wrote in twice to SingPost , but of no respond.  They don't even have the courtesy to call me.  In fact, I called them twice in the afternoon, but no one answered.

Today, I called 1605 first thing in the morning.  A guy Jxrxl answered the hotline.  He's rude and kept repeating that he can't do anything about it if I can't provide him with the tracking numbers.  He is saying that I got to give up my package. 

He's making the sleepy me really angry, so I asked for his supervisor and he said his supervisor would say the same thing.  They can't help me without the tracking numbers. 

I insisted to talk to his supervisor, he put me on hold without even telling me to wait.  Then he answered the phone again, asking me to send him the photos of the Delivery Advice copy.  Guess, someone told him to do that.

Obviously it's their mistake, but Jxrxl sounded like it's my fault for not being able to provide him with the tracking details.  Without me insisting on talking to his supervisor, he wouldn't even bother to help me check.  This is definitely not the correct attitude of their Customer Service.  This is the second time I talked to their ignorant Customer Service Officers.  Everything, they don't know and can't help.  They're so unhelpful, ignorant and rude, which really annoyed me.  How can he raise his voice and shout at me.  There's a saying "Customer is not always right, but they're never wrong".

They really have their way to upset me.  The xyz and curse are now flying all over head and mind.     

I waited for his email reply and phone call until noon, but he didn't have the courtesy to update me on the status.

I waited until 3.30pm and Postman still didn't come, so I called SingPost.  The same guy, now calls himself Cxxxxtxxn ( he used a different name, probably he knows it's me ).  He told me that I've to self collect it.  And if I want a redelivery, I need to go down to Alexandra Post Office to pay for them the redelivery charges first and they'll redeliver for me.   I got real mad of his rudeness, that I requested to talk to his supervisor and he put me on hold for more than 30 minutes.  So I called again and Rxmxn answered. Rxmxn told me he can make a free redelivery for me, but later he called me to say that I got to pay $10 at their Post Office first and then I'll get a redelivery.  What is this?  They're all great liars!  Guess, they really love money.  Since the Postman comes to my estate every day, he can obviously redeliver it at free of charge.  After all he's on the way.

Cxxxxtxxn even lied that he called me twice but was directed to an answering machine.  I'm using a normal phone line, haha ... I myself don't even know I've an answering machine at home.  What a good excuse!

Anyway, I'll get my family member to collect it for me.   Alexandra Post Office is located at a ulu place which is very inconvenient to access. There's no public bus services, no MRT and walking there takes 1 hour. They should sent the undelivered package to the conveniently situation Bukit Merah Central Post Office, where there's many bus services, MRT and its within a 10 minutes walk from my house. They should be been more thoughtful and considering for our convenience.   

SingPost really provides bad service. Now I can fully understand my family and friends frustrations. It's probably they're the only postal service in Singapore, that's why they're acting all struck up and ignorant.

Mr Grandpa Postman really got on my nerves. He has been a Postman for years now and he's still consistently making the same mistake over and over again.

This is the third time that Mr Postman is causing inconvenience to us.

This is the previous Delivery Advice.
There is one more before this, but I didn't take a picture of it.
He has the bad habit of omitting the tracking details.


Sheri said...

Ugh that sounds horrible, no offense but I find many people like that in Singapore -.-

Bebe Lee said...

There are many nice postmen around in Singapore, but my area one is horrible. He's the kind of 脑袋少根筋.
Those that I mentioned are foreign workers from P. They're rude, ignorant, careless and struck up. Singaporeans don't dare to shout and scream at their customers.

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