23 August 2012

Bio-Essence Celebrity's Choice InchLoss Shower Scrub and Body Cream Extra Strength Trial Kit

Celebrity’s Choice InchLoss Shower Scrub and Celebrity’s Choice InchLoss Body Cream.


Celebrity’s Choice InchLoss Shower Scrub

My Thoughts

The orange shower scrub contains lots of exfoliation beads and has a very lovely sweet berry scent.

Before shower, I will squeeze out an appropriate amount onto my palms and add water to dilute it. 

Apply and massage on the desire areas, like arms, tummy, thighs and buttocks for a few seconds and rinse off thoroughly with water.  Then, bathe as usual.

I accidentally touched my face with the scrub.  Oh dear, it caused me rashes, the itchy red blotches of rashes 风膜 appeared all over my face.  After applying the Xepa Hydrocortisone Cream, day and night for a week, the rashes finally subsided.  Then my face became really dry with the itchy hard flaky skin all around my eyes, nose and cheeks area.  With continuous application of the Xepa Hydrocortisone Cream for another two weeks, my skin went back to normal.

Celebrity’s Choice InchLoss Body Cream

My Thoughts

This thick white body cream has the same lovely sweet berry scent like the scrub. 

Every night, I'll apply it onto my arms, tummy, buttocks and legs.  After a few circular rubs, it's easily absorbed into the skin, leaving it with a slight sticky feeling.

I'm allergic to this body cream.  Every time when I apply it, even a little bit of it will make my skin burning hot with itchy and painful red patches. 

One time, I applied it on my tummy and went jogging.  Oh dear, when I sweat, my tummy was even more itchy than ever and the itchiness was unbearable.

After bath, it is best to apply the facial skin care products first, before apply this body cream.  After applying this cream, don't ever touch the parts where I applied it.  Somehow the cream will go to my hands and when I touch my face, it makes my face really painful with the real hot burning sensation. 

One time, after touching my leg, the part where I applied this cream, I touched my eyes.  It hurted my eyes so badly that tears started flowing out and I couldn't open my eyes.  Even water couldn't rescue my painful eyes.  There's another time, I touched my face and it gave it a long lasting really really painful burning hot sensation.

After using the scrub and cream for weeks, I don't see any signs of my body being slimmer or firmer.

This is not a miracle cream.  With continuous use for a long period of time, it will probably help to slim a little.  However, I need to watch my diet.  Don't expect to get a flat tummy and slender figure when I love fried foods and dislike exercising.


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