19 August 2012

Dinner at Capricciosa Pasta and Pizza Restaurant Italiano

We ordered the Capricciosa Pizza and Seafood Spaghetti.

Capricciosa Pizza
Beef bacon, beef pepperoni, mushrooms and bell peppers.

Seafood Spaghetti
Mussels, calamari and tuna in tomato sauce.

Hubby loves the lamp shades.

The crews provided us with real friendly services.

The bill is $34.55 and after deducting a $5 voucher, we paid $29.55

Since our order added up to more than $30, it would be nice if they allow us to use both the vouchers by spitting into 2 bills.  $5 discount is stingy. 

Hubby said their food is nicer than Pastamania, and more expensive than the others.
For me, I still prefer Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut.  Especially on Wednesdays when they offer, buy 6 and get 4 drumlets free at $6.50.  Yummy, I really love the sweet and spicy drumlets, so every Wednesday is drumlets day.

I won a Capricciosa Pasta and Pizza Restaurant Italiano $10 dining voucher from JCube Facebook - "Share & Unlock" (4th June - 8th June 2012).

It's nice that the vouchers have no expiry dates.

This is a disappointing voucher where I can only use one per visit. They should have given me a $10 voucher, instead of 2 $5 vouchers.

I find that most restaurants give vouchers only to make us go and dine at their restaurants. Their vouchers can be used only on regular price items.
Their current promotion of 1 for 1 spaghetti is even a better deal.

I'm left with one more $5 voucher and I'm unsure when or will I use it. 

Thank you Jcube for the vouchers.
As I'm unable to collect it at their office during working hours, so I requested to collect it from their customer service counter on the weekend and they agreed.
They are so nice, I really appreciate it.

But then, I'm really upset with their poor Customer Service.
For only a $10 voucher, they checked, double checked, triple checked and check and check as if I'm a cheater or swindler. I'm really offended.
I've already gave them a print out of the redemption letter and my IC, yet they are so kiasu and kiasi about giving me the vouchers. They made me waited for 30 minutes.
Unlike the professional customer services at the other shopping malls, these two ladies didn't tell me to wait and no words of apologises. They kept quiet the whole time.
This is the very first time that I with met such unprofessional staffs.
I'm really disappointed with Jcube and I won't be going there anymore. It's a nice structure building, but the shops are not to my liking.
In fact, I prefer to shop at IMM Shopping Mall where I can find my favorite shops like Giant, Daiso, Best and A-Mei Cafe. And they offer free parking for the 1st 3 hours.


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