17 August 2012

Acnes Medicated Creamy Wash and Sealing Jell

Sponsored Review.

The best-selling Japanese brand that gives boys and girls Total Confidence with clear skin.


SEBUM is the oily substance that is naturally discharged from the oil glands of the skin. 

High sebum discharge rate = High tendency for acne. 

Sebum discharge rate controlled mainly by male hormone (testosterone).


Acne or pimples are a naturally ccurring skin problem that usually develops as you go through puberty. 

Approximately 85% of all people between age 12 – 25 will develop acne to some degree.


Proper care for the skin can help to prevent & reduce pimples. 

A suitable Acne Skincare regimen can help to solve your pimple problems.

My Thoughts

This light pearl yellow wash has a refreshing sour lime scent. A little is enough to lather to rich rubbles.

It thoroughly washes away the dirt and shiny oil from my face, leaving it clear and clean, without the dry and tight feeling.

With continuous use, my face is less oily and has lesser breakouts.

My Thoughts

This light pearl yellow thick jell has a strong medicated scent.

Apply a little onto my pimples. After a few circular rubs, it absorbed into the skin.  

After applying 2 to 3 times, my pimples are dried up.

It is effective on acnes too. After applying for 3 days, the red acnes are subsided and a week later, they are gone.

Though it works well to remove pimples and acnes, it will leave behind the marks. 

My sister loves Acnes, sometime ago she bought 2 boxes at Watsons.  Now we got 3 boxes.

     #1 Antibacterial Skin Care Brand in Japan
     Proven effective Medicated Skin Care
     Unisex positioning – targeting both boys and girls

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Thank you, EK Media and Acnes for the Sponsor.


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Thank you

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