18 August 2012

NIVEA Extra Whitening 24H Anti-Perspirant Spray

Repairs and Whitens underarms in 2 weeks!

24 hour reliable anti-perspirant protection.

With Licorice Extracts to support the skin's natural repair process for white and smooth underarms.

With Witch Hazel to effectively minimize underarm pores enlarged by frequent shaving and plucking.

Without alcohol, color, or preservatives.

Skin tolerance dermatologically proven.

Ingredients :

My Thoughts

This deodorant spray has a nice heavy perfume scent. 

After spraying, it takes a while for it to dry up, depending on much I spray.

After it dried, it leaves my underarms powdery coated and with a slight sticky feeling.

This spray is good for daily normal activities, but not for sports.  For exercising when I perspire alot, this spray doesn't prevent the underarms from sweating and doesn't control the odour. 

I'm unsure if it will whiten underarms, as I don't have dark underarms.

We each redeemed a NIVEA Extra Whitening 24H Anti-Perspirant Spray 35ml from NIVEA SG Facebook.



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