28 January 2012

Winner of Sneakpeeq Giveaway

A Big Thank You to all who has entered.

Sadly, none except one has followed the Mandatory entry of Join Sneakpeeq

Congratulations to

Jenna Froggy

You are the first prize winner and have won yourself a $25 gift card.

Since there is only one winner, I have requested Sara of Sneakpeeq to also give the 2nd prize of $10 to Jenna, and thankfully she agreed.

Yay, Jenna, you will receive a total of $35 gift card in your account.


Enjoy your prize.


chaya bunny said...

That's kind of a bummer. I know I joined SneakPeeq but I don't know if my entry counted since I was a member prior to entering. Either way, that's not a big deal and super sweet for her to get two gift cards! Congrats Jenna!

Bebe said...

Guess, this giveaway is for new members only.

There are many Sneakpeeq giveaways these days, so each blog is given a unique link for their IT department to keep track of where the entrants joined.

As shown in Rafflecopter, it seems that not many people are interested in this giveaway. And I'm even more surprised when Sara of Sneakpeeq said that there's only one entrant.

It’s better to also give the 2nd prize to Jenna, than to forfeit it.

chaya bunny said...

Oh of course. I was just pointing out. ^^

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