02 January 2012

SANA X'Mas Giveaway - Samples

I received a SANA Natural Resource Cleansing Oil 4ml and a Pore Putty Make up Base Clear sachets in my mailbox.

Pore Putty Make up Base Clear

Pore Putty Make up Base Clear
Clear make up base that spreads smoothly, covers rough pores and helps skin look smooth with subtle transparency. Clear type that obscures pores without heavy makeup look. Light-transparent silicon powder combined. Sebum-absorbing powder helps prevent skin from glaring and keeps skin smooth and matte-looking. Essence type that keeps skin with moisture.

Directions :
After toning skin with skin lotion or milk lotion, spread appropriate amount (pearl size) over entire face and blend well.

My Thoughts

This silicon-like transparent white makeup base has its own natural scent and a very smooth texture.  Its color and texture reminds me of candle wax.

After applying it, my face is matte looking with a waxy smooth feeling.   It makes makeup slides on smoothly and lasts a full day. 

Please Click here to redeem your FREE samples.


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