01 January 2012

Sunplay Super Block SunBlock Lotion SPF130 PA+++ Sample

I received a Sunplay Super Block SunBlock Lotion SPF130 PA+++ 6g in my mailbox.

Old packaging and New packaging

Old packaging

New Packaging

My Thoughts

This white liquid lotion is very diluted and has a stinky scent.  After a few rubs and pats, it absorbed into the skin, as if nothing is applied. 

On a hot Sunny day, my hubby applied this lotion on his entire face, eyes, neck and arms, and went for a golf game in Batam.

When he came home, I thought I saw a roasted pig.  He has a really bad sunburn on his face, neck and arms, which are red and painful.

I would say this lotion is too mild for people who need to stay under heat of the scorching hot sun for long hours.

Later I heard that this lotion needs to be reapplied every 2 hours.

I love this lotion for being non-oily and non-sticky.  But I dislike the watery texture and stinky smell.  And it is definitely not strong enough to protect the skin for the long hours under the scorching hot sun.

It would be good for the normal daily activities, like work, shopping and etc, where there are shelters everywhere to block the sun away from us.

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