17 January 2012

Rojukiss Protox Eye Cream

Rojukiss Protox Eye Cream   3ml

My Thoughts

This is a thick eye cream with a soft and smooth texture.  It comes in a light gold color and with its own natural scent.

I will apply by spreading the eye cream evenly onto the skin surrounding my eyes and continue with dabs, circular rubs and pats.  It absorbs fast into the skin, leaving it well moisturized.

This is really a small tube so I do not see any improvement on the deep lines at the corner of my eyes.  It probably is effective in eliminating fine lines and to prevent few lines from forming.  

We got them from Confirm Trading

This is the actual retail product



Maantra said...

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Bebe said...

You're welcome.

Esther.MTMU said...

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Bebe said...

Hi, done.

SUGAR LANE said...

Today is Sugar Lane first anniversary and I would like to thank you all with a especial post! Drop by and leave a comment ;)
Kisses from Spain,

Bebe said...

Have left a congrats message on your blog.

Faye Curtiz said...

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