16 January 2012

Cuties Catz Seafood Flavored Cat Food

My Thoughts

I bought 2 packets of the new packaging dry food at $120.  The biscuits are the same as the old packaging.  As per the sales assistant, this biscuit is of a lower grade and is advisable to mix with a better brand biscuits.  I find that this type of biscuit is not suitable for cats with poor digestive system and constipation as it causes two of my cats to vomit and to be even more constipated. 

It's really upsetting that the cat food is getting more and more expensive.  I used to purchase it at $40 and now it's $60 for a 22kg packet.  I think that they should lower down the price for their royal customers, especially when I often buy 2 packets in a single purchase.


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